Day: December 18, 2012

Originally posted on Gnasher's Eye:

Well, It’s been all over the press, and internet. Instagram have changed their T&C’s. Basically they are giving themselves the right to use your images. This can mean for their own publicity, or to sell on to a third party, One photographer I follow on Facebook wrote…

“Note to Instagram users… if you’d prefer not to see photos of yourself or your family advertising the BNP or STD remedies… delete your photos now!
“Instagram, which is owned by Facebook and has some 100 millions users, has updated its privacy policy, giving it the right to sell users’ photos to advertisers without notification.
Unless users delete their Instagram accounts by a deadline of 16 January, they cannot opt out.
The changes, which have sparked an angry reaction, also mean Instagram can share information about its users with Facebook as well as other affiliates and advertisers”

Well I know it’s highly…

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