He Was In For A Surprise

I asked Ollie aka “The
Village Idiot,” if he had
a good time watching the
bunnies hop. He was all
flustered, telling me the
awful things the bunnies
we’re doing.

What were they doing that
made you upset? He said, they
were having filthy sex. The
male bunny was having sexual
intercourse with the female
bunny. I told Ollie, it is
only natural for the bunnies
to have sex. But, he said,
should have went into the
woods and do it. Just like
humans do.

Well, I didn’t want to get
into it, concerning adults.
So did you turn around and
leave? He said he had to,
as the sight of it, made him
throw up. Then he had a bad
nightmare, and woke up sweating
and hollering.

Have you gotten over it? He said
he never wants to see another
bunny. Never!

When all said and done, off he
went, to who knows where.

A fictional short story.