59 F

Here it is, Saturday 6:00 pm, and it is 59 F, 15 C.
Steady rain and windy.
Where I live in Mass, we are warmer than a good chunk
of the country.
Back on Tuesday at this same time, the temps was in
the single digits. Talk about a big difference in
temperatures, and with the big dumping of snow that
we got a week ago, is just about all gone.

First Snow Storm Of 2014

The first snow storm of 2014 arrived here in the early morning hours. It is supposed to last until late Friday morning. The coast of Massachusetts is supposed to get worst of the storm. As of 7:45 pm, which is the time I am writing this, the temperature is 2 F, -16 C. The wind chill factor is -11 F, -24 C.

Below is one photo I took from inside the building I live in. I can only imagine it will be like tomorrow morning.Snow January 2 2014

Wet Day

Texas and other states got hit with snow.
Here in Massachusetts, its warm and wet.
Lots of rain, and some wind.
For some, traveling will be a bitch.
Others will just stay home and not have to worry about it.
As Eric Clapton would sing, “Let it rain.”

Remember: It’s still Autumn.