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Patti Davis on Her Dad, Palin and Playboy

With the late Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday celebration on February 6th, Patti Davis has a few things to say about Sarah Palin, and the state of the political climate in this country, and talks about a few other things too.  … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on What Happened in Tucson

What happened in Tucson, AZ this past Saturday, was just horrible and uncalled for. Whether part of the blame can be put on Sarah Palin with the posting of the 20 people she had targeted last year, with gun sights … Continue reading

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Is Obama Caving In?

The new year is only five days old, and Obama is already caving into the GOP, the Tea Baggers and Sarah Palin. He decided to take out the part; The End of Life rule, which was passed last year, as … Continue reading

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