Mother Nature

It seems that mother nature has a problem.
The problem is, she must have a very itchy scalp.
With all the dandruff falling from the sky above,
it looks like she needs a good shampooing, with
a good rinsing.
Then a apply some conditioning, then rinse
and repeat.
Now, all this dandruff is landing on planet
earth, and are the ones who have to deal with it.

When the weather warms up, then a real good
rinsing will commence, and then it will wash away
all the built up dandruff, that she wanted to
share with us.

– A Pondering Mind

Massachusetts Governor Declares A State Of Emergency

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has declared a state of emergency, due to the storm. He also issued an executive order banning vehicular traffic after 4 p.m. (2/8/13). Winds are supposed to be gusting as high as 70 mph, and also huge waves during high tide, later on in the day.