He Said/She Said Tuesday Edition

He: Oh oh! She’s just came through the front door.
I hope she is in a better mood than yesterday.
Hi. Did you find what you were looking for?
Don’t hi me! I see that you didn’t now the grass,
nor trim the hedges. What excuse are you going to
give me this time?
He: Well, I kind of nodded off for a bit, and, and …
She: Here we go again. Maybe I should my boots on,
since the bull shit gets deeper and deeper, with every
word that comes out of your mouth.
He: I had all the intentions of doing the lawn and hedges.
But like I told you, I nodded off.
She: You could have done those easy jobs, after you took
your nap.
He: I suppose I could have, but after I woke up, I had
a yen for some munchies, and the afternoon jolt of coffee.
She: Your full of shit. Really! You’ve taken retirement
not only from work, also from doing anything concerning
the house and yard.
He: How about I now the lawn, and take care of the hedges,
She: Yeah right! By the way, I’m staying home tomorrow.
He: All day?
She: Yes! All day.
He: Shit!
She: What did you just say?
He: Nothing.
She: Bull shit! You know what you said.
He: What’s for supper?
She: You can make your supper, a and don’t even think of
calling for take out, you lazy bastard.

She was so pissed, that she gave him the silent treatment,
which lasted for the rest of evening.