Man Jumps Into Rough Water To Save A Stranger’s Dog

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8 thoughts on “Man Jumps Into Rough Water To Save A Stranger’s Dog

  1. I know that I will get shouted down for this,… but unless the man was an olympic swimmer or that was the largest man made pool in the universe…while his actions were wonderful, kind, caring…it was just a dog and in my estimation and obviously not the mans he took great risk with his life to save a dog…Just saying…

      1. Sounds like a plan no offense meant… but as you said I an entitled to my opinion but I still love the imagery…and your blog

          1. Actually I love it…Your photos and cartoons and quotes take me on a constant ride of the amazind, incredulous and illuminating.. They make me think, laugh, fill me with awe and sometimes great sorrow. It in it’s simplicity is amazing.

            1. I am glad you like what I post. I’ve kind of shied away from the politics, as I just got plain fed up with all the bullshit that is going on throughout the country. Who knows, I may back into it, when I feel I can do it again.

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