Marlon Brando practicing his wheelchair technique for his role as a disabled veteran in the movie The Men.

One thought on “Marlon-Brando-practicing-his-wheelchair-technique-for-his-role-as-a-disabled-veteran-in-the-movie-The-Men

  1. Most ppl. are familiar with Apocalypse Now, The Horror, the Horror and All That!
    However; how many ppl. know the following;

    “Les Travelleur Chinois de la Grande Guerre”

    The True Reason why The Vietnamese fought the West for so long and hard was that:-
    the Vietnamese actually sent Troops over to Europe to help with the War Effort against the Germans.
    In World War One!
    But; were deliberately, written out of History once the War was over; and France simply would NOT grant Vietnam independence; so they duped the Americans in to do their dirty work; during the 60s and 70s…
    Crap about Communism and Democracy was all simply Hokum…..

    If you think Brando was hot stuff, think again with the following:-
    Marlon Brando teahouse of the august moon……..(Watch Out for the slitty eyes, it is hilarious!)
    Brando is an actor!


    If U want a ‘REAL’; unsung hero, try googling the following:-

    Joseph Warren STILWELL!

    ‘Vinegar Joe’; Stilwell.

    Where are his Accolades and Merits!

    Western Hypocricy knows no bounds!


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