That Must Suck

You over slept. The milk in the fridge has turned sour. The dog took a dump on the living room floor. You get in the car and the battery is dead as a door nail. Call for a taxi for a ride to the train station. You arrive five minutes late, and the last morning train to the city has already left. You call your boss to tell him what happened, and he his pissed off.

What to do now that the day has turned to shit? Grin and bear it. Shit happens.


“You aren’t thinking or really existing unless you’re willing to risk even your own sanity in the judgement of your existence.”

–Frank Herbert

The Way It Is

October 6 2014

When I see blue sky with a smattering of clouds, it makes me happy. This my fellow readers, is all I need. Don’t need religion, nor read the bible. Don’t need to be told how to enjoy life. I am just basically one happy man, that likes solitude, peace of mind, and quietness.

The coffee tastes so much better, when I’m in a Zen moment. It makes the day much easier to enjoy, and live life to the fullest.

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“Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.”

–Nathaniel Hawthorne