Sunday Zen Quote

“Mind is simply a combination of all the thoughts, of all the clouds. Mind has no independent nature of its own. When all the thoughts are gone and the sky is clean and clear, you will see that everything that you have paid so much attention to is nothing but emptiness. Your thoughts were allContinue reading “Sunday Zen Quote”

Behind The Times

It was a great time to be outdoors to enjoy the nice weather. So, I was looking at my phone, and thought it would be a good time to go to my blog. Along comes Ollie aka ‘The Village Idiot.’ He stops and asks me what am I doing? I tell him, I’m typing aContinue reading “Behind The Times”

Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC

Originally posted on PHOTO '75:
The dome-shaped Jefferson Memorial is an iconic American structure. The memorial is located in West Potomac Park on the shore of the Potomac River Tidal Basin, at the southern end of the National Mall. The interior of the memorial contains a 19-foot statue of Thomas Jefferson, and excerpts from the Declaration of…