Does Privacy Matter Anymore-Electronics, They’ll Be Watching You

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IMG_7471 NYC Sightseeing “Here’s looking at you”  Times Square photo by Alison Colby-Campbell

Today on LinkedIn, I read an article about the pending advances for tracking consumer behavior through digital out of home billboards. A Google search located an earlier story in the New York Times  See That Billboard, It May See You, Too . A new program called RADAR was announced by Clear Channel Out of Home and rolled out to the top 11 US markets including Boston, New York and Los Angeles. This program uses your cell phone or mobile device to track when and where you see a billboard and then follows your actions thereafter to see where you go, if you discuss the product on social media, and whether you ultimately buy the product you saw. They claim to do this anonymously – the data is aggregated so they don’t actually retain information like your name, but the…

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