Just a Note

Some of the posts I write
are mostly pure fiction.
When an idea pops into
my head, or something
I have been thinking
about, i.e. that I imagined
happening then will type
it up and post it.
I look at it as purely
fun, and keeps my mind
sharp and clear.


She was all
a giggle watching
Slap Happy Jack
riding is unicycle
in small circles
which was about
100 times or
so that he
got dizzy and
crashed into
a parked car
and was embarrassed
when he realized
what had happened
not to mention
his unicycle has
seen better days


Some people
that run for
political office
have no fucking
clue the lies
and twisted
shit they say
and get away
with it

Blame some of
the media and
the press
for not calling
them on it


Woman screaming
loudly like a
hyena gone nuts
Puzzled passersby
calls police
They show up
Ask her why
she is screaming
Her answer
I felt like it
Oh the cops said
and they went
on their
merry way


He hit this post out of the ballpark…

Barking In The Dark

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At present, the word “virtually” is, to me, “virtually” the single most disturbing word in the English language – and also, for that matter, in any other language. Check that – actually, it is not “virtually” the single most disturbing word in the English language at present, it “really” is.

This is the word plucked from the “new” cyberlingo by some shrewd advertising people that allows all manner of drug companies, insurance companies, con men, politicians – and anybody else who wants to sell us something – to lie and be legally unaccountable for their lie. It is the word that allows them to make outlandish untrue statements as to the bone fides of whatever it is they are claiming. It is the word currently most prized by lying scumbags everywhere in the world. The newest go-to word for charlatans the world over seeking to make misleading claims about whatever…

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Next door
neighbor ordered
a pizza and to
his surprise it
was so soggy
that he called
the police and
he wanted the
pizza owner
arrested and
charged with
selling soggy pizza
Instead they took
the crackpot neighbor
to the psyche ward
for evaluation


Nice night

Calm and cool

Stars twinkling

On TV Hunter Pence

is patrolling right field

for the San Francisco Giants

while the fans are eating

pizza and washing it down

with their favorite bottle

of suds and the kids are

stuffing their faces

with hot dogs and soda

and when the game is over

they go home happy or sad

depending on the end result


Newspaper tucked
under his arm
Mr Roberts bopping
down the sidewalk
whistling a tune from
the 1950s
sporting a bow tie
that he wears at
the local fast food
joint flipping
burgers and scooping
fries to one and all

Everyone is happy
when they see their
favorite burger man
doing his job
without a bad thing
to say about anything
or anybody

Mr Roberts is the man


Do tell
What shall
I say to
the good
that want
to know
that I don’t
have a clue
as to what
the hell
I’m writing
so it must
be Sunday
for me to
be at a total
loss even
though the
sun is shining
bright and the
sky is blue
and so it seems
that everything
is alright with
Mother Earth


Every day
and every
of the planet
are making a cameo
They have their
15 seconds
of fame
on the local
and national


Back in the day
had a friend
who had a cat
named Dog
and a dog
named Cat

It was funny
then and
today it
brings on
a smile


When the weather
is nice you will
see the city
square philosopher
talking to people
about the meaning
of life and any
other philosophical
thoughts you care
to exchange with him