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The evangelicals who remain steadfast in their unflagging support for Donald Trump despite his demonstrably manifest unfitness for the Presidency – or any other position in any government – are people who should now be referred to as The A B C’s, The American Bullshit Christians.

The tortured logic exhibited by these bible thumping hypocrites to try to squeeze any semblance of rationale into and out of their narrowl minds in order to justify their backing of this piece of inhuman garbage is laughable – especially in light of Mr. Trump’s own words regarding immigrants, women, people of color and anyone who might disagree with his ignorant views.

Christ himself is agonizing all over again.

Image result for religious right cartoons

Any pretense these people might have had to religiosity has now gone out the window – along with the sanctimonious moral high ground they have always tried to occupy from which mount they looked down…

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7 thoughts on “LEARNING OUR A B C’s

  1. Did you see that madman the other day saying that God would work with Trump, this assertion being partly based on the fact that God uses harlots to subvert the system? Trump would fit in well then. He’s had the experience


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