Mark this date:

on January 31, 2017

at 8:00 pm Eastern

7:00 pm Central

6:00 pm Mountain

5:00 pm Pacific

gather the family

get your popcorn ready

set your dvrs

as he’s not my president

will announce live

and in living color

orange being the

dominant color

his choice for

the vacant seat

on the Supreme Court


I’ve been around

since the Truman

years, and I don’t

ever remember

the craziness

that is happening

in he’s not my


White House

he is not


material and

neither are

the fucking

clowns that

work with him

Quick Fiction

The elderly couple are at a complete

loss, of what they see as of the blight

of their once, and proud beautiful neighborhood.

They both wished they had never came back,

as it brought tears to their eyes.


to take a much needed break from he’s not my president, a video “Let The Good Times Roll” performed at the White House a couple of years back. B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi and others.


sitting here thinking

of the stuff that he’s

not my president says,

denies, attacks etc.,


never seen anything

like it

its not even

a book of fiction

or written by

a Hollywood


its just is

what it is

and no denying it

Just A Thought

At 12 noon

on 1/20/2017

a guy who

I didn’t vote for

will be taking

the oath of

office of the

United States.

I repeat

I did not vote

for him


he is not

my president

and will not

recognize as



I can live with that.