Short Story

The couple in the restaurant are sitting across from each, enjoying their meal and the conversation. She was very happy to be with him, and to make the evening more enjoyable, she took off one of her shoes, and with nylon clad foot, moved it up his leg very slowly, and it brought a smile. She winked, then put her shoe back on. Well she said… Bingo! He paid the bill, and off they went.


four weeks in
already not my
aka so-called
aka off the
aka fake
is in Florida
this time
for the
2020 election


this makes it
three weekends
in a row that
he flies down
there on the
tax payers dime

he knows how to put
the screws to the
citizens and doesn’t
give a shit


With all the bullshit
that is going on with
the not my president
aka fake president
aka so-called president,
it is time for him to go
and clean up the fucking
mess. The sooner, the better.
He has no fucking idea, how
things are done.

Glad I didn’t vote for him.

Socrates Meets Trump

The writer hits it on how he is.


Socrates: By Hera!  You want to create a ban.

Trump: Bigly.  Against Muslims.

Socrates: Muslims?  You must be an expert to do such a bold move.

Trump: Indeed, I am, Socrates.

Socrates: Tell me so that I can learn from your wisdom, for surely you must know much of Islam.

Trump: Well.

Socrates: I’m listening.  You must have read about Islam, the philosophy, the experts, the practices. Only someone advanced in knowledge would propose a ban.

Trump: Well.

Socrates: You know people who practice Islam, yes?

Trump: Have you seen Homeland?  Tremendous show.

Socrates: I have not.

Trump: It’s important to keep the country safe from terrorists.

Socrates: And could you define “terrorist”?

Trump: Look, I promised in my campaign to restore law and order.

Socrates: Of course, good fellow and patriot.  Now, surely you could define law, for only someone well advanced in judicial matters who understands law…

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if there’s
a will
then there’s
a way

if the way
is blocked
then you
try to bust
through it

if not
then your
and back
to the

Quick Fiction 50 Words

Sitting at the bay window, with their warm mugs
of coffee, the husband and wife of 40 plus years
of marriage, are happily watching the children
playing in the high snow banks. It brought big
smiles, as they remembered when they did same
exact thing.

Cherished memories they will always have.