four weeks in
already not my
aka so-called
aka off the
aka fake
is in Florida
this time
for the
2020 election


this makes it
three weekends
in a row that
he flies down
there on the
tax payers dime

he knows how to put
the screws to the
citizens and doesn’t
give a shit

6 thoughts on “709

  1. Not to be political, but let’s consider his side of the issue: He’s been so busy busy busy signing all those executive orders, tossing out all those regulations, gutting all those programs that hamstring businesses, ensuring that pollution will increase and in a few years we’ll have to spend zillions to clean it all up again, etc. and so forth–that he’s exhausted. And Washington, D. C. is no doubt a stodgy, glitz-less town in which to try to relax.

    1. Which in essence, he’s creating a mess that Obama cleaned up, now he want’s people to believe he is their savior, the knight in shining armor. Truth be told, he knows squat about politics, along with the assholes that are with him.

  2. I was so tempted to drive to Melbourne to join the protestors yesterday (Just a couple hours away) but didn’t, a supporter drove all the way from Atlanta to wave his his flag and blast the media and tell us how much not our president has done so far. Believe me, we all know what he has done! 😦

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