It feels like we have
been bamboozled by a
guy in the White House
a complete fraud
who has no fucking idea
about the people who
truly care about the
air we breathe
the water we drink
the food we eat
in order to survive
the orange man
does not give two
he only cares
about himself
Its fucking disgusting

12 thoughts on “862

  1. I’ve not been bamboozled, Don. Neither have you. There are many others who are aware of his loathsomeness, duplicity, and lack of fortitude (moral or otherwise). Take heart, my friend. Whatever harm he inflicts, there are many more of us to right the wrongs. 😉 xoM

  2. Now you know I’ve been dead quiet about this Trump situation. I nearly talk about politics in the UK let alone the US. But Holy Moly, what the @*!#?! I cannot believe it. Good Lord, why? I mean… really? I’m so mad about it.

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