Last Night

When I took one of my evening strolls, I saw less than a half dozen people doing the same thing. As for traffic, that has gone down too. I could practically walk down the middle of what some are the busier streets in my city, and this is before sunset. Eerie! The one good thing about the air, it is cleaner, which makes it more enjoyable to walk in.

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  1. Emilie Avatar

    Wish I could post a photo. The town I’m near has only about 5200 people buts it’s a tourist town. It’s often difficult to find parking, and the sides are full of people. I was there sat and got a photo of Main Street, empty.

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    1. A Pondering Mind Avatar
      A Pondering Mind

      I can visualize your town, as I am sure it is liked that, for most of the country.

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