Has your life changed or turned upside down, inside out, don’t know which end is up, due to all the different things that have happened in the year 2020?


  1. Working from home has not turned out to be the morale booster I thought it would be, although it might be different if there was somewhere other than home to go at the end of the work day.

    I erroneously believed that the quiet would help my creativity, but I’ve struggled with my current work-in-progress.

    I miss getting together with friends for a meal, hearing live music, and traveling — even business trips!

    So yes, this year has been hard. I’ve tried to be gentle with myself; success in that regard is variable.

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  2. I was used to working from home. I was NOT used to having very little human interaction except through the phone or computer, however! My daily walks have taken on increased importance, and it was so fortunate that I had recently moved into a new apartment with a balcony for gardening. I really don’t know if I will ever to to another movie, eat in a restaurant, or even get coffee from the shop a few doors down. Why take the chance?

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