so ….

I’ve been on a book binge buying kick
… books mostly written by Jack Kerouac,
John Clellon Holmes, Carolyn Cassidy, and
William S. Burroughs … all beat generation
writers … and still waiting for four more
books by Kerouac, from Blackwell’s in Oxford,
United Kingdom is one of my favorite stores
to buy books, the prices are reasonable,
and shipping is free to the US … Amazon
is another place I got to for books ….

also needed new glasses as my eyesight is
a bit weaker, so I decided to keep the
frames as they are very comfortable. and
had the news lenses put in … now I’m
good to go for another year …

4 thoughts on “so ….

  1. I have a stack of Kerouac and the Beats in front of me right now. 🙂 I need new glasses as well. Keeping the frames for the same reason. 🙂 Have fun and enjoy each and every book.


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