A Note On Awards

There have a been times that fellow bloggers have wanted me to accept awards. While I like and appreciate what they are doing, I do not, and will not accept them. I really have no use for them, as they are nothing more than chain letters.

Visits, likes and comments, work for me.

33 thoughts on “A Note On Awards

  1. once in a while i also get invitations to awards. even though the idea behind is lovely, they use to fasten my inside with knots. i fully share your opinion…in my book it’s written NO, too.


  2. I just found you and checked out your home page. I am going to be checking out more of your posts over the next few days and following as you continue to post. I appreciate the warning about awards. No nominating. Got it. 😉


  3. Hi there. Interesting space to be in just here > I never knew about awards being a chain system. It doesnt matter to me that much as I’ve never got an award and I wouldnt know what it meant anyway. Any other info would be greatly received as the world of blog is a quite fascinating place to live. Wishing you a brilliant weekend.


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