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I’m a coffee lover, and one of those that drinks it morning, noon and night. I enjoy it black and no sugar or artificial sweeteners.

But having a head cold that past couple of days, coffee essentially tastes like shit. And because it has a shitty taste, I end up dumping a good portion of the java that I brew, down the kitchen drain. At least the rats and whatever else resides in the main that goes to the sewerage plant, get to enjoy the Starbucks Coffee,

It sucks having a miserable cold, and the coffee tastes like shit.

Anyways, I will survive.


Just Thinking

When you wake up in the morning, and you can smell the coffee brewing, then you know you’ll have a wonderful day. If you can’t smell it, then you know you are in for one hell of a crappy day. And, for all you coffee lovers, make the coffee strong, black and no sugar. It tastes a whole lot better.