8 thoughts on “A Castle In Ireland

  1. Love this I could almost see myself running thru the castle.

    I am in armor… a knight. I am a female and even so, even though it is the Dark Ages I am respected for my physical prowess and cunning…I have proven myself on the battlefield many times before. I have killed mercilessly, stricking down my enemy as if they were nothing more than a gnat; and I too have been wounded have seen the angels on many occasions. yet I have shown mercy, and that too in an age of violence and constant warfare has oddly been respected. Ruthless and merciful what a contradiction.
    We charge forth, swords raised. From my belly a blood curdling scream is born and given wing…I am about to meet my death and so are the men, heavily clad, besides me. Yet still we race forward to what is the inevitable. Rain pours from the blackened skies and dark clouds mix with the fires that burn unchecked besides us. Men, women and children lay battered and beatened,dead at our feet. ZMy feet slip in the slick of a child beneath me but I do not look back I do not look back in fear that it is my child dead like my husband of many years and as many wars…Run run run run fight we have an oath and I more importantly believe what we are fighting for …Freedom Freedom…without that there is nothing else.


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