My Thoughts on What Happened in Tucson

What happened in Tucson, AZ this past Saturday, was just horrible and uncalled for. Whether part of the blame can be put on Sarah Palin with the posting of the 20 people she had targeted last year, with gun sights pointed at them, is unconscionable. I will not be judge and jury, as for Palin leading the gunman on.

About and hour and half after the carnage, Palin took down the map depicting, the people that she wanted voted out. Could it be a sign of guilt, for doing what she did? Or did someone advise her to be done with it. Only Sarah can answer that.

With that said, the best thing for Palin to do is, is enough with the nonsense, the vile and hatred she spews, and not even think of running for president in 2012. If she does decide to run, here’s hoping that every Democrat, Republican, Independent or what political party belongs to, to remember the asinine and utter crap she spits out of her mouth. Also we don’t need to here anymore of her so-called commentary on Fox News, which by the way, I refuse to watch.

Sarah Palin is no Rachel Maddow, and never will be.

3 thoughts on “My Thoughts on What Happened in Tucson

  1. I like to think that when it comes to Sarah Palin,

    both liberals and conservatives can find common ground…

    I’ve heard it said that no one ever went broke pandering to the lowest elements of taste in America.


  2. does this mean that you refuse to watch CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS?? or do you have a different standard for them? I personally watch them all with about the same amount of disgust.


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