Boston Early Evening

Skyline photo of Boston at dusk/early evening.

Click on photo to enlarge.

Boston dusk
Boston dusk


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    There are about 12 weeks until I am back in the beautiful city I call home, Boston. I wanted to share this magnificent photo of the Boston skyline by Don in Massachusetts. Check out his blog for more great photos from his travels.

    I have a photo of the Boston skyline pinned to the board behind my desk. I took it on the ferry to George’s Island in Boston Harbor. My Dad and I love to visit George’s Island, which is home to historic Fort Warren and served as a prison for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.

    Each time we visit, we search for “The Lady in Black,” who is said to haunt the island. According to the local lore, she is the ghost of a Confederate prisoner’s wife who was sentenced to death for aiding in an escape after disguising herself as a male soldier. She was hanged in a black robe, which was the best the soldiers could do to accommodate her last request of being executed in female clothing.

    While we’ve never found her, we’ve felt The Lady in Black’s eerie presence on the island, even on the sunniest of days.

    Today I took the photo of Boston’s skyline off my board and placed it on my desk. Boston is now in front of me; no longer behind me.


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