Six Minutes Before Sunset No. 2

June 22 2014 3The last of the photos that I took, just before sunset. The brick and adjoining building on the right is the local YMCA. The other ones in the foreground is an auto parts store, and help place for people who are down and out.

Time of photo: 8:20 PM.

Six Minutes Before Sunset

June 22 2014 1

This photo above was taken with six minutes to go before sunset. I shot this, while I was standing in the middle of the street. The white steeple if you want to call it that, is the Armenian Church. The building across from it, is city hall, which at one time was the city’s high school.

Time of photo: 8:20 PM.

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Happy Birds

It’s early Saturday evening, and in an hour, the sun will be setting at 8:24 PM. Have the windows open, the baseball game is on the TV, and the best part is, the numerous birds all happy and chipper as they are tweeting away in one massive chorus. Sitting here listening to the birds, they are saying that there is still a lot to like about the earth, that we all call home. With a touch of Zen, life is grand.

Not Quite Dark

An evening photo of downtown. It was not quite dark, but you can see the full moon just above the right hand corner of the brick building, which is on the left.Evening May 14 2014

Monday Evening

Monday evening. 6:20 pm.
While reading and going
through the blogs I follow.
While I am doing this,
NCIS on USA is keeping
me company.

Sunday Evening Photo

In the distance, you can see blue lights strung around the top of the three story apartment building. Since the middle of November, they have been lit just about every night.Night 12 22 2013For the full size, click on the image.

The Lights Are On

This is a photo I snapped this past Thursday, but I was too damn lazy to post it. This was taken shortly after sunset, which is 4:13 pm. With that said, there lies the reason of the lights turning on so early.Snow December 19 2013