Short Story

The air outside is hot

The air is stifling

The dogs are laying in the shade

The old man is sitting on the stoop

Playing the blues with his harmonic

The people who pass by are smiling

The old man knows it all good


Short fiction


While waiting for the bus
to take her home
she is soaked by the
pouring rain

She is wearing a broad
smile and a glow in
her eyes as she
is enjoying every
minute of it

Short Fiction


The calendar tells
me that Spring
begins on March 20
at 12:30 a.m.

Weather people tell
me a snow storm is
going to happen on
the very first day of
a brand new season.

They .said we can
expect up to a foot
of heavy wet snow.

You got to love
the El Nino weather

Snow No Snow

Last year nearing
the end of
February, we had
100 plus inches
of snow.
In some places
there were snow
piles higher
than a two story

At this very
moment, there
is no snow
to be found.

An El Nino
weather pattern
will do that
in the northeastern
part of the US.

Maybe next
winter payback
could be a bitch.

Behind The Times

It was a great time
to be outdoors to
enjoy the nice weather.
So, I was looking at my
phone, and thought it
would be a good time
to go to my blog.

Along comes Ollie aka
‘The Village Idiot.’

He stops and asks me
what am I doing? I tell
him, I’m typing a post.
He said, that’s not a
typewriter. I know that.
You know Ollie, this is
not 1985, its 2015.
People can now use their
phones to type a post,
send a message, just about
do anything they like. Plus
they can talk and listen to.

Well, needless to say, Ollie
aka ‘The Village Idiot’ was
totally in awe, and didn’t
know what to say, so off
he went on his merry way.
It saved me the time to have
to explain how the times
have changed.

More Snow On The Way

February 2 is Groundhog Day
How many groundhogs will
see their shadows?

As far as living in
Massachusetts, more
snow is predicted
for Monday.

Talk is, 6-10″,
6-12″, 10-12″,
12″ plus.

Snow is good for
skiers and snow
boarders, but
not so much for
drivers, shovelers,
pedestrians, etc.

I say just grin
and bare it, as
in another month
or two, it will
be just a memory.

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The coffee poured into the mug.

Boot up the laptop.

First things first, is check the weather for the day.

So far, so good.

Then go to the digital Boston Globe, ready to do the crossword.

Shit! No puzzle.

My morning ritual is thrown off course.

Well, this sucks.

Cooler Than Yesterday? HUH

I was checking the weather on line this morning, and what caught my eye, what the high temperature  was for the previous day: 88.8 F. Today they claim it will be cooler, with a high of 88 F. What a big difference. A difference of 4/5 of a degree cooler. It looks like I won’t be needing the A/C today. Yeah right…