3:00 A.M. ~ Short Fiction

The strong gusts of wind woke Joann from a sound sleep. She peered at the clock, and it was exactly 3:00 a.m. She got out of bed, and the hardwood floor felt cold. She checked the thermostat, and it was 63 degrees. She turned on the heat, went the bathroom to do her business, and when she was done, and the heat never went on. She checked the thermostat to see if she set it to the right temperature. So her next move was to check the oil tank, and lo and behold, the thank was empty. She went back upstairs, and called her oil company she does business with, and told them she was out of oil, and could they send someone to her home and make a delivery. The woman at the oil company said they can make a delivery within an hour, and there would be a $50.00 surcharge. She asked why about the charge, and she was told that it was off hours, and they had to pay the driver time and a half. If she didn’t want to pay the charge, then she would have to wait till 8:00 a.m., or shortly there after. She decided to have them deliver the much need oil, and vowed never to let it happen again.

When the new heating season begins in the fall, she will have automatic delivery, and so she will never have to go through without oil, ever again.

3:00 A.M. Downtown – Short Fiction

A late winter storm, dumping copious amounts of snow on the streets and avenues, in the downtown area. Its 3:00 a.m., not a soul to be seen venturing in the deepening snow. Even the plows are having a hard time keeping the roads cleared. The only places that are still open, are a 24 hour mini mart, and a drug store, neither of the doing much business at all.

The pandemic has a done a number on quite a few businesses, and some of them have shuttered for good. So, with the economy tanking, and now the latest storm, won’t help most of the remaining stores, as it will keep the pedestrians home, and will have to put up with more cabin fever, which they have been going through for the past 11 months.

They feel that its a never ending story.

3:00 A.M. – A Short Story

Every morning, at 3:00 a.m., you will find an elderly gentleman, sitting in his favorite booth, having a cup of coffee. He has been patronizing this certain coffee shop, since he retired many years ago from the book editing job, that he had for over 35 years.

He usually is the only one there, and he has gotten use to the solitude he enjoys. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like. It can be cold, hot and humid, raining or snowing, it will not stop him from walking the two blocks from where he lives in a high rise downtown apartment.

When he’s finished his coffee, he will take one to go, and then stop at the kiosk, and by the morning newspaper. Later in the day, he will take a nap, recharge his batteries, and then he will go about whatever he feels like doing.


February, the shortest month of the year, is already at the mid way point. Before you know it, the month of March will be here, and February will just be a memory.

Bleak Midwinter

“In the bleak midwinter Frosty wind made moan, Earth stood hard as iron, Water like a stone; Snow had fallen, Snow on snow, Snow on snow, In the bleak midwinter, Long ago.”

~ Christina Rossetti, Poet 1830-1894

More Snow

Sunday, we got quite a bit of snow. Tuesday, more snow is on the way. Possible 3-5 inches is on tap. Hopefully, I’ll get a walk or two in, as I do like walking in it, as long as it is not windy and blowing in my face. That makes it a miserable time… well I shall see what tomorrow brings.

That Was Real

Took a walk in earlier in the day. It was quite a slog navigating the snow covered sidewalks, hoping I wouldn’t come across any unexpected ice. Lady luck was with me, as I didn’t have any problems. The walking did wear me out a bit, as when I got back home, I was dragging my ass.

For the rest of the day, will kick back and relax, resume the walking come Monday.

Walking Outdoors Is On Hold

Miserable, shitty weather, means I will resort to being the ‘hall monitor,’ thing, and do my walking in the halls and stairways. The plus side of it, is not having to wear a coat, and also get to smell the different aromas of the various meals, that are being concocted. Does it make me hungry, not really, as I do the walking on a full stomach.

The City

people on the stoops
watching the passersby
hydrants open
spraying cool water
on the neighborhood kids
ice cream truck has arrived
people lining up
to buy and enjoy
an ice cream or something
cold to drink
to hot cook inside
so pizza and sandwiches
are the meals for the hungry
the ones without a/c suffer
as the temps are stifling
window fans are useless
as they blow hot air
no break in sight
from the swelter
yet the people
are use to it
life in the city

Short Story

She knew the weather is bad, but she was determined to venture out to the bodega, to get milk, as she had none left. Bundled up, she encountered white out conditions, and soon enough, she got disoriented, and didn’t know where she was.

The next morning her son woke up, and his mother was not home. He called his aunt to see if she was there, and she said no.

An hour later, there was a knock on the door. It was the police notifying him, that a man out walking his dog. found her face down on a snowbank, and apparently froze to death.

Short Story

The air outside is hot

The air is stifling

The dogs are laying in the shade

The old man is sitting on the stoop

Playing the blues with his harmonic

The people who pass by are smiling

The old man knows it all good


Short fiction

Spring Redux

Weather people
now say that
snow storm won’t
be as bad as
they thought it

Now they say
maybe an inch
or two of the
white stuff on
my part of the


The calendar tells
me that Spring
begins on March 20
at 12:30 a.m.

Weather people tell
me a snow storm is
going to happen on
the very first day of
a brand new season.

They .said we can
expect up to a foot
of heavy wet snow.

You got to love
the El Nino weather

Snow No Snow

Last year nearing
the end of
February, we had
100 plus inches
of snow.
In some places
there were snow
piles higher
than a two story

At this very
moment, there
is no snow
to be found.

An El Nino
weather pattern
will do that
in the northeastern
part of the US.

Maybe next
winter payback
could be a bitch.


Today is the first full day
of Winter. Here, in the
Northeast part of the
country, it is early in
the evening, and it is
in the mid-50s, come
Thursday near 70.

Truly weird weather.

Behind The Times

It was a great time
to be outdoors to
enjoy the nice weather.
So, I was looking at my
phone, and thought it
would be a good time
to go to my blog.

Along comes Ollie aka
‘The Village Idiot.’

He stops and asks me
what am I doing? I tell
him, I’m typing a post.
He said, that’s not a
typewriter. I know that.
You know Ollie, this is
not 1985, its 2015.
People can now use their
phones to type a post,
send a message, just about
do anything they like. Plus
they can talk and listen to.

Well, needless to say, Ollie
aka ‘The Village Idiot’ was
totally in awe, and didn’t
know what to say, so off
he went on his merry way.
It saved me the time to have
to explain how the times
have changed.

It Is April, Right?

The calendar says
it is April 8
Well, it’s
36 degrees
and it’s

Come Friday
the expected
high is
supposed to
be 65.

Just more
New England
weather to
deal with.

Just A Thought

With all
the snow
in the
past three
weeks, which
was a
good amount,
there is
one way
and the
best way
of looking
at it,

No sense
in getting
all bent
out of
shape, as
it won’t
do you
any good.

Besides, its
Enjoy it,
maybe next
Winter will
be one
of those
small amounts
of snow.

A Lot Of Snow

In the current 30 day period, the Boston area has so far, more than 61.6 inches of snow, which beats the previous record 58.5 inches back in 1978. And the snow is still coming down.
More in The Boston Globe.

Humor Quote

Steven Wright December 6, 1955 - Actor, Comedian, Writer
Steven Wright
December 6, 1955 –
Actor, Comedian, Writer

If it’s zero degrees outside today and it’s
supposed to be twice as cold tomorrow, how
cold is it going to be?

Steven Wright




Source: Quotes Wave

Today The Heat Really Sucked

July 2 2014 1The heat and humidity really sucked today. At 4:00 PM, the air was so damn stifling, it like sucked the air right of you. The photo above and below were taken at 6:14 PM. The rain, or what rain fell was a short welcome relief.July 2 2014 2


What Irks Me No. 2

Say the outside temperature is 98 F, with stifling humidity.

And being outside in such sticky air, and the body is sweaty, and afraid you might have to take to the scissors to extricate one self from the soaked shirt.

Anyways, along comes an idiot, all happy as he/she is whistling some stupid tune and says, “Nice Day’ and/or Beautiful Day.” I’m like ready to bang this person on the upside of his head, and say “Your Nuts!” Seriously.

It’s bad enough the hot, sticky weather gets to me, but when some ass of a person says shit about it being nice or beautiful, needs to be put on some strong meds.

Tire Track

While I was standing outside, during the middle of the afternoon, I took my phone out and was going to a photo of the snow covering the yews. When I looked to see how that pic came out, I saw this photo of the tire track and the curb to the left of it. The photo was taken by accident, so decided to post it.

Tire Track

Mother Nature

It seems that mother nature has a problem.
The problem is, she must have a very itchy scalp.
With all the dandruff falling from the sky above,
it looks like she needs a good shampooing, with
a good rinsing.
Then a apply some conditioning, then rinse
and repeat.
Now, all this dandruff is landing on planet
earth, and are the ones who have to deal with it.

When the weather warms up, then a real good
rinsing will commence, and then it will wash away
all the built up dandruff, that she wanted to
share with us.

— A Pondering Mind

First Snow Storm Of 2014

The first snow storm of 2014 arrived here in the early morning hours. It is supposed to last until late Friday morning. The coast of Massachusetts is supposed to get worst of the storm. As of 7:45 pm, which is the time I am writing this, the temperature is 2 F, -16 C. The wind chill factor is -11 F, -24 C.

Below is one photo I took from inside the building I live in. I can only imagine it will be like tomorrow morning.Snow January 2 2014


Painting, n,: The art of protecting flat surfaces
from the weather, and exposing them to the critic.
— Ambrose Bierce

Snow Covered Park

On my daily walk this morning, I decided to cut through the local park, as the walking was kind of on the treacherous side. Lots of icy spots. I only took this one photo, and it does have a Zen look to it.

Snow covered park, 12/16/2013.
Snow covered park, 12/16/2013.

So ……

So earlier today, A Pondering Mind was outside getting some air. This was close to noon time.
Well, out comes one of my neighbors and this was the gist of the conversation:
He: Nice day, huh!
Me: What?
Off he went on his merry way.
This happened with an overcast sky, 40F, and a damp/raw feel to the air.

Five hours later, a similar conversation took place. This time with a female.
She: Hi
Me: Hi
She: It is snowing.
Me: Huh? It’s 60F, and a light mist.
She: It feels cold.
Me: Whatever
She left a minute or two later.

Nice people, but …. Wow! Talk about living on another planet.

3 H


Has the feel and look of July/August. Not the middle of September.

Passing The Time While Enduring The Heat Wave

No need to remind anyone of the relentless heat wave, that’s gripping the northeast, and other parts of the country.

Basically, I go for my walk early in the morning, before the temps spike back up, and the high humidity that is included. Then its doing crosswords, book reading, posting on my blog (if I’m up to it), and watching anything that is worth watching on the boob tube. Plus my daily dosage of black coffee, and bottled water. All this in the comforts of A/C, as I reside in high rise building, with a brick exterior. Brick does hold in the heat, so if there was no A/C, I’d be roasting my ass off.

More Humid Weather

The humid weather is still here, and will be here for the rest of the week.
A story in the newspaper this morning, more or less said, no more 90s, but it will be in the 80s for the rest of the week.

Humid, sticky weather and I don’t get along, all that well. Get punchy at times, which I don’t like.
Thank goodness for A/C. Staying inside, everything is good.

Sky or Skies

In a post before this one, I titled it: Partly Cloudy Sky. Why am I pointing this out? Because what irks the shit out of me, is when the local and national TV, along with the radio weather forecasters, always, without a doubt, say “skies” when it should be “sky”. When we look up at the sky, we only see one sky, not two. So why do they insist on using the plural, instead of the singular word? Are they that stupid, that it is obvious that there is, and will always be one and only sky. Get with the program. That’s it.

Crazy Weather

The weather here in Massachusetts has gone haywire. At 9:00 am, the temp is 42F/6C, with a windchill of 35F/5C. It feels more like March 26, not near the end of the month of May.

Crazy weather…