Tuesday Evening

big improvement in the weather here, so i took a long walk. the air was warm, compare to the las two days, with overcast skies and with the wind coming off the ocean, brings the temperature down, but it didn’t stop me from pounding the bricks.

today’s walk was beneficial, as i cleansed my head, and helps keep my sugar under control. in fact, i decided to take another stroll. now that i’m home, i’ll just kick back and relax and start all over tomorrow.

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  1. hitandrun1964 Avatar

    Sounds great. I’m so happy for you and hope your roommate is feeling better. It was 34 when I walked this morning but nice. The wind was only 5 mph. We’ve been having lots of 17 mph wind and that makes it less pleasant.


    1. A Pondering Mind Avatar
      A Pondering Mind

      Well…Chicago is the windy city, or so they say….


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