3:00 A.M.

A brand new month is upon us. March, which has 31 days, means there are 31 3:00 a.m.s. Anything may or will happen at that early hour of the morning. Its a wait and see, or beware of the unknown.


The expression, “you’re older than dirt.” So, how old is dirt?


February, the shortest month of the year, is already at the mid way point. Before you know it, the month of March will be here, and February will just be a memory.

More Snow

Sunday, we got quite a bit of snow. Tuesday, more snow is on the way. Possible 3-5 inches is on tap. Hopefully, I’ll get a walk or two in, as I do like walking in it, as long as it is not windy and blowing in my face. That makes it a miserable time… well I shall see what tomorrow brings.

Oh Yeah

Today is one of those days, that I can’t seem to get myself motivated to do anything. Maybe its good thing, and let the idle body’s batteries recharge, then I will be good to go.

For What Its Worth

What is the big deal with putting ketchup on scrambled eggs? I’ll admit that I will put it on. It all depends on how much I really want ketchup or not. But, I do love black pepper on my eggs.


Windy and cold

Wind chill factors

Its January

Its winter

This is what its all about

Four Years

The day has finally arrived. Four years of clownish, inept, buffoonery, hell, has come to a close. At 12:00 noon, January 20, 2021 will be the beginning of a new, saner and hopefully get things done, president.

For What Its Worth

When Joe Biden becomes the next president, he will have something in common with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. That is cleaning up the economic mess that was created by their predecessors: Reagan/Bush 41, and Bush 43. Biden does have a tough road ahead of him, with dealing with the economy, pandemic, etc., etc. …

Change Is Coming

Change is coming. Finally, at 12:00 pm, January 20, 2020 the the four year shit show in Washington, will be coming to an end. Normalcy, sanity and reconnecting the country back to dealing with other nations, with some great people in Biden’s cabinet.

Let’s hope we never have to go through again, with the clowns that was occupying the White House.

Another For What Its Worth

With all the
different polls
that inundate
us with the
latest who
is ahead
who is behind
blah blah blah
The only poll
that counts and
really matters
is at the polling
booth on November 3rd


A president who
praises police …
and also a vigilante
killer in Kenosha

So, you either
praise one or
the other, not

Now to watch
out for men dressed
in all black, flying
in a plane over
my building

For What Its Worth

The sky is falling
president, should
be removed from
office immediately.
Everyday it seems
that he gets more
outrageous with the
bullshit he spouts
Again. He must be
removed ASAP!

Excellent Pick

Kamala Harris is an excellent pick. Joe Biden made the right choice, and won’t take any shit from Trump and his minions.

For What Its Worth

Now that the Coronavirus Covid-19 has showed up in the White House, is all I have to say is, “What goes around, comes around.”

For What Its Worth

To keep my sanity intact, I tend to not pay much attention to what number 45 has to say. I’m pretty sure most of you would know who I’m talking about.

What To Make Of It

Taking my second walk of the early evening, I did not see any other people, nor an auto passing by me in either direction. It was pure silence, and I was thinking, this how it must be on a no-mans island in the middle of the ocean. And then, the silence could be deafening, or golden. I guess it depends how one looks at it.

Spring Time Snow

Took a walk in the heavy, wet snow. Of course I got kind of wet, I mean really wet, and I seen two other people outside, doing the same thing. It was enjoyable walk, and it helps keep the sugar in check, and also helps with keeping the mind focused.

In these dire times, I reccomend a good walk and enjoy every minute of it.

Its Surely Not The Same

Since COVID-19 has made  its presence, it has changed the ways of life. When I go outside to take my walks, there seems to be very few, if that doing the  same thing. Also, not that many cars are seen. Its so surreal, its like living in the Twilight Zone.

For What Its Worth

We could all use a time out, from the seemingly, neverending media barrage of the Coronavirus.

So far, I have  been going about  the days, and not getting  myself all worked up about it.

Thinking Silently

thinking silently
a smattering
of thoughts
are swirling
in my mind
nothing bad
nothing harmful
nothing slanderous
just normal
that I usually
do throughout
the course
of the day


Accept who you are
Be who you are
Think for yourself
Enjoy life

Thoughts From A Tired Mind

hot searing sun
broiling the desert
not a house
or any building
to be seen
for as far
as the eye can see
carcasses of long
ago dead animals
litter the ground
rattle snakes hissing
scorpions and black
widows crawling
seeking to bite
and deposit their
deadly venom
no water to be found
not an ideal place
to spend time in
such is life
in the desert


the month
of August
is now in
the home
and life
goes on

Wondering Evermore

out the door
with the
only with
the basics
of necessities
in order to
and/or locate
the meaning
of truth
that is
does it
truly exist
or is it
a figment
of our
if so
then can
we say
that the
human race
is living
in a world
of fantasy
will i/we/us
ever figure
it out

Okay ….



I am me
always will be me
no one will
ever change me
as I was born
as me
the end result
is a total me
I am happy
to be me