Dedication To A Friend

A few months back, I contemplated whether to continue blogging, or throw in the towel and call it a day. One of the first to email me, to say she would miss the things I post, and what not. Another follower from my local area, more or less said the same thing.
Anyways, after a couple of weeks passed by, I decided to ease back into it. So I’m sure I made the right decision. With that said, I dedicate this post to Georgiann and her blog is She has a wonderful blog, love her writing, and tells it like it is, as she doesn’t hold back. Please check out her blog, and tell her Don at a pondering mind sent you.

22 thoughts on “Dedication To A Friend

  1. Yep; you did the right thing!
    Well done to Georgiann, too.
    I’d miss you if you chose to leave. I love your snippets of life. They are usually quite deep and insightful…

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