its sunday afternoon… sitting on the couch, tv is on… laptop across my thighs… going through emails… blog posts… doing digital crosswords… its a good day for it… as the rain is streaking at slanting angle… brewed some french roast coffee… so it will help me to function properly without getting sleepy eyed…

3:00 A.M. – A Short Story

Every morning, at 3:00 a.m., you will find an elderly gentleman, sitting in his favorite booth, having a cup of coffee. He has been patronizing this certain coffee shop, since he retired many years ago from the book editing job, that he had for over 35 years. He usually is the only one there, andContinue reading “3:00 A.M. – A Short Story”

Houston Coffee House Scene

“Lightnin’ Hopkins was something of a fixture on the Houston coffee house scene so we were witness to eccentric blues brilliance close up. Then, believe it or not, along came the wave of the English cats like John Mayall, Eric Clapton and the Stones embracing the great American art form – the blues.” ~ BillyContinue reading “Houston Coffee House Scene”

John W. Fellows ~ Poem

I want to hear the simmer Of the old coffee pot; I want to hear it hummin’ When it’d gettin’ good and hot; I want to see the vapor rise, Like incense in the room, And float about a-fillin’ Every corner with perfume. ~John W. Fellows, “The Old Coffee Pot,” in The People’s Home Journal,Continue reading “John W. Fellows ~ Poem”

Quick Fiction

Sam was in his glory, as the woman behind the counter, gave him a bag of day old muffins and doughnuts. She also filled his thermos with fresh brewed coffee. Sam is homeless, and has no job. He forages in the dumpsters for returnable cans and bottles, which keeps him busy. Now he is thankfulContinue reading “Quick Fiction”

Deadline ~ A 100 Word Story

The reporter for the local newspaper, fueled with excessive amounts of caffeine, is typing away like a mad man. His editor loves his work, even though he his in his own world, no one dares to tell him to slow down. The reason is, that a colleague told him to take a break, and thatContinue reading “Deadline ~ A 100 Word Story”

The Making Of A Special Bonding

Standing on the sidewalk he said hello to a woman who he never saw before. She replied with a smile and a hello. He asked if she would like to go have a coffee. Her answer was a sincere yes. They went to the nearest cafe, sat at the small table by the window andContinue reading “The Making Of A Special Bonding”