Deadline ~ A 100 Word Story

The reporter for the local newspaper, fueled with excessive amounts of caffeine, is typing away like a mad man. His editor loves his work, even though he his in his own world, no one dares to tell him to slow down. The reason is, that a colleague told him to take a break, and that turned into a big mistake. The madman told him to shut the fuck up, and to mind his own fucking business. Needless to say, that was the one and only time that anyone would have the balls to say anything to him, about his habit.

The Making Of A Special Bonding

Standing on the sidewalk
he said hello to a woman
who he never saw before.
She replied with a smile
and a hello.
He asked if she would
like to go have a coffee.
Her answer was a sincere yes.

They went to the nearest
cafe, sat at the small
table by the window
and enjoyed their coffees.
They told each other their
likes and dislikes, and
other things they like
to do and see.

From that moment on,
there was a lasting
bonding of friendship
that would last for
quite some time.

A fictional short story 2016


Sitting alone at an outdoor
cafe, enjoy his morning cup
of coffee. He puts down his
phone and decides to do the
crossword. He thought he
brought his medium point,
black ink pen, but he realized
that he hates using a pencil.

In the meantime, he will just
sit back and relax, and enjoy
the city life, and observe the
people from all walks of life.
Some going to their places of
employment, some doing errands,
the rest just passing the time
of day.

He knows that life as he knows
it, could not get any better
than this. Come tomorrow, he
will return, and will make sure
he brings his pen.

He Said/She Said Tuesday Edition

He: Oh oh! She’s just came through the front door.
I hope she is in a better mood than yesterday.
Hi. Did you find what you were looking for?
Don’t hi me! I see that you didn’t now the grass,
nor trim the hedges. What excuse are you going to
give me this time?
He: Well, I kind of nodded off for a bit, and, and …
She: Here we go again. Maybe I should my boots on,
since the bull shit gets deeper and deeper, with every
word that comes out of your mouth.
He: I had all the intentions of doing the lawn and hedges.
But like I told you, I nodded off.
She: You could have done those easy jobs, after you took
your nap.
He: I suppose I could have, but after I woke up, I had
a yen for some munchies, and the afternoon jolt of coffee.
She: Your full of shit. Really! You’ve taken retirement
not only from work, also from doing anything concerning
the house and yard.
He: How about I now the lawn, and take care of the hedges,
She: Yeah right! By the way, I’m staying home tomorrow.
He: All day?
She: Yes! All day.
He: Shit!
She: What did you just say?
He: Nothing.
She: Bull shit! You know what you said.
He: What’s for supper?
She: You can make your supper, a and don’t even think of
calling for take out, you lazy bastard.

She was so pissed, that she gave him the silent treatment,
which lasted for the rest of evening.

He Said/She Said Friday Night Edition

He: It’s been a long day.
She: Why do you say that?
He: Well, I was busy.
She: Busy? Really?
He: Yes, busy.
She: Sitting on your ass all day, signifies that
you was busy?
He: While I was as you say, “sitting on my ass,”
I was doing stuff, like doing crosswords, reading,
blogging, and above all, taking coffee breaks.
She: Coffee breaks? Your drinking coffee all damn
day! And you call it coffee breaks. You’ve got some
balls saying that.
He: Since I’m retired, I still call them coffee breaks.
She: Your a real piece of work. Being retired has really
changed you.
He: How have I changed?
She: You hardly ever go out, I have to beg you to do
several things like take out the trash, vacuum, and a couple
of easy tasks to do.
He: You knew I’m retired, so I thought I would take it easy,
live the life of Riley.
She: Wow! You’ve got it all figured out.
He: Yes I do, and that’s not going to change.
She: We’ll see about that.

The Way It Is

October 6 2014

When I see blue sky with a smattering of clouds, it makes me happy. This my fellow readers, is all I need. Don’t need religion, nor read the bible. Don’t need to be told how to enjoy life. I am just basically one happy man, that likes solitude, peace of mind, and quietness.

The coffee tastes so much better, when I’m in a Zen moment. It makes the day much easier to enjoy, and live life to the fullest.

88x31This work A Pondering Mind is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

What Irks Me No. 5

For the past couple three years, I have always been using brown coffee filters. I prefer using them than the white filters. Well, I have been to a couple of stores, and they no longer carry them. My partner has been to a couple of different stores, and she had no luck in finding them. Whoever you ask that work in the different stores, all say the same thing, we ran out, or they are no longer carrying them, or the distributor(s) no longer have them. Its probably a conspiracy against me, and the other coffee drinkers, who prefer brown over white.

Just another one of the various things in life that irk the shit out of me.

No Wonder I Felt Like Crap

For the past three days, I was walking/sitting in a stupor, and/or more like a zombie. I could not figure out why I was feeling like crap. Having dull headaches didn’t exactly feel great. I would take Advil a couple of times a day, and I was surprised, since Advil always did the job.

It sucked big time, as all I felt like doing was lay on the couch, and doze off. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I had to push myself to look and read the numerous blogs that I follow, and it came to the point, that I would either ignore some, or delete some of the email notifications, as I don’t use the Word Press Reader. (That’s a story for another time).

Well now, come this morning (Sat the 31st), I arose from bed turned on the coffee maker, and still was having the headaches. I drank some of the coffee, and I went back into the kitchen to the rest in the mug, it was staring me right in the face. The coffee I was drinking was decaf. Bingo! No wonder I was feeling like crap.

I went into action, made a fresh pot of Seattle’s Best No 5 Coffee, and when it was ready, poured what was left of the decaf shit down the drain, poured the good stuff into the mug, and I was good to go. Took a couple of Advil, and headache was gone in a few minutes, and felt like a new man.

Caffeine headaches, feeling sleepy and what not, feels like a junkie suffering from withdrawals.

He Didn’t See This Coming

Yesterday morning, Mortimer J. Finkdink III, was taking his morning stroll. He always stops in the local coffee shop, for his daily cup. He always gets a large, as he likes to last throughout his walk. After he left the shop, he ambled on along on one of his favorite streets. A few minutes later, a woman who has never seen before stopped him. He always liked saying hello to all the people he ran across, but was perplexed seeing this well endowed woman.

The following conversation ensued, and what happened shortly there after.

She: Hello.
He: Hello.
She: My name is Barbara ‘Boom Boom’ Sashay.
He: Nice to meet you, Barbara.
He: I’m Mortimer J. Finkdink III
She: I’m new in town.
He: I see.
She: Can I ask you a question?
He: Sure.
She: Before I ask, I must tell you, I have 44DDDs.
He: Okay.
She: So, would you like to see them?
He: Where?
She: Right here.
He: On the sidewalk in public?
She: Yes.
He: You could get arrested for doing that.
She: So. Don’t you like big knockers?
He: Well, in a flustered, stammering way, ah yes I do, maam.
She: What’s the problem then?
He: This is not New York City, where it is legal for women to go bare chested.
She: Pretend we’re in New York.
He: Well, its not.
Then he had an itch on his shin, that he bent down to scratch, and all of a sudden, she lifts her shirt up, and swings her knockers, and caught him the side of the head, the nearly full cup of coffee, goes flying out of his hand. It landed on the windshield of a passing car, which scared the shit out of the driver, and proceeded to slam into the car in front of his, and then got rear ended.

After all was send and done, Barbara ‘Boom Boom’ Sashay, said, “If you only took me up on my offer to view my beauties, this would never had happened.

Eventually, Barbara ‘Boom Boom’ Sashay, got arrested, for being a public nuisance, and got to spend 10 days in the local hoosegow.

As for Mortimer J. Finkdink III, he never saw this coming.

Thought I’d give it a try at writing a short, humorous story. Fiction of course.