lost and found

its a perfect day to take a stroll, when a young female stops a few feet away. she has a dumbfounded look on her face… he stops dead in his tracks … excuse me… you look like you are lost… she replied… i am lost … do you need help… since you say that you are lost… nope… okay … so how can i help you in any other way … she told him i am no longer lost … huh … why is that he asked… because i found you … so my quest is over for finding the first man that noticed i was lost…

oh how the words come flowing out. makes writing so much fun…

Quick Fiction

He told her lover, cry me a river. She started to weep, when suddenly it seemed like the dam broke, and all hell broke loose. She just kept crying and crying, and it looked liked it wasn’t going to stop any time soon. Now he wished he never told her to cry.

inspiration ~ satire

when I am out and about and need some inspiration, I seek out my guru who is sitting on one of the benches in the downtown square. buy him a coffee and a bagel, and he’s in his glory, filling my down and out brain a boost of enthusiastic goodwill and beautiful words to live by

3:00 A.M. ~ Quick Fiction

A hot and humid night in the city. People without a/c, having a hard time trying to get any sleep. Some of them choose to go outside, sitting on the stoops at 3:00 a.m. They see there are quite a few of their fellow citizens, doing the same thing. Talking and watching the few cars and trucks pass their homes. After a while some will go back inside, and give sleep another try, knowing in a couple of hours, some will be off to their jobs, and others call in sick.

3:00 A.M. ~ Short Fiction

It’s a feeling Tom relishes in life. Driving on the interstate at 3:00 a.m. He loves the freedom of the open road, considering he is one of the few cars, along with the tractor trailers, doing the long haul. When he is cruising at the set speed control, he pops in one of his favorite jazz cds, and it keeps him in a relax state of mind.

3:00 A.M. ~ Short Fiction

The strong gusts of wind woke Joann from a sound sleep. She peered at the clock, and it was exactly 3:00 a.m. She got out of bed, and the hardwood floor felt cold. She checked the thermostat, and it was 63 degrees. She turned on the heat, went the bathroom to do her business, and when she was done, and the heat never went on. She checked the thermostat to see if she set it to the right temperature. So her next move was to check the oil tank, and lo and behold, the thank was empty. She went back upstairs, and called her oil company she does business with, and told them she was out of oil, and could they send someone to her home and make a delivery. The woman at the oil company said they can make a delivery within an hour, and there would be a $50.00 surcharge. She asked why about the charge, and she was told that it was off hours, and they had to pay the driver time and a half. If she didn’t want to pay the charge, then she would have to wait till 8:00 a.m., or shortly there after. She decided to have them deliver the much need oil, and vowed never to let it happen again.

When the new heating season begins in the fall, she will have automatic delivery, and so she will never have to go through without oil, ever again.

Short Story

She knew the weather is bad, but she was determined to venture out to the bodega, to get milk, as she had none left. Bundled up, she encountered white out conditions, and soon enough, she got disoriented, and didn’t know where she was.

The next morning her son woke up, and his mother was not home. He called his aunt to see if she was there, and she said no.

An hour later, there was a knock on the door. It was the police notifying him, that a man out walking his dog. found her face down on a snowbank, and apparently froze to death.

Quick Fiction

Sam was in his glory, as the woman behind the counter, gave him a bag of day old muffins and doughnuts. She also filled his thermos with fresh brewed coffee.

Sam is homeless, and has no job. He forages in the dumpsters for returnable cans and bottles, which keeps him busy.

Now he is thankful for people like the woman that works at the local bakery. Sam sees the best the best in people, and that’s a good thing.

100 Word Story

Joel would do anything, to see his long, lost love. He would walk bare foot on hot coals, a bed of nails or a flooded street. She meant so much to him, but he could not understand why she refused to see him. He would give it one more try and talk to her and if she still would not give him a satisfactory answer, as to why she ended it, then he would just go back home, and sit in his favorite chair, and stare at the four walls, to ponder, what if, and there were many what ifs.

Short Story

On a beautiful warm day, he decides to go outside, and sits himself down on the stoop. He takes out his blues harp, and plays some down home blues. Some of the passersby stop to watch him, and love what they are hearing. That makes him a very happy guy.

Short Story – Imagining Things

She decided today would be good to pay a visit, to the new super market, which is having a grand opening. Off she went, to see what the store has to offer.

Well, she couldn’t believe what was happening. There was quite a few people pushing the shopping carts, putting imaginary food, paper goods, milk and other sort of goodies. Everything in the store was not real. You just imagine that you are putting a gallon of milk in the cart. The same with everything else. The customers going to the checkout registers, putting their imaginary food and stuff on the belt, and paying for it, with real money, and or credit/debit cards.

She was spooked to say the least, as asking herself, was she living in another dimension. Or was it something out of the old TV show “The Twilight Zone.”

She decided she had seen enough, left the store, and saw people bringing their bags of imaginary food to their cars. She headed straight home, called one of her friends, and told her she saw. Her friend thought she was a bit off, and told her to speak to her shrink, but instead, she pulled out a bottle of vodka, and a couple of hours later, she was shit faced.

The next morning, after her hangover wore off, she went back to the same store, to see if she was imagining it. Lo and behold, the store wasn’t there. WTF! She asked a person what happened to the store that was here yesterday, and he said, what store. She said the new super market. He replied, lady, there never was a super market, so you must be imagining things, or was hallucinating.

After another minute or two, she went back home, and opened another bottle of vodka, and drank herself to sleep.

Short Story

She is standing on the railing of the fourth floor balcony, threatening to jump. A passerby, who actually knew her, looked up, and shouted up and asked, “what are you doing?” She replied, “its all over, so I’m going to end it all by jumping down to the ground.” He pleaded with her not to do it. She said, “I have to.” ‘Please don’t try to talk me out of it.”

In the mean time, a small started to gather, waiting to see what she is going to do.

She hollered down to the man that knows her, and asked him, how much you want to wager, that I will jump off this railing? He said, “$10.00.” She laughed. “Why are you laughing?” he asked. She said, “let’s make it more worth while bet.” Okay he said, “25.00.” She said, “$50.00.” Another person shouted, “$75.00.” Another said, “$100.00.” She said, “your on.”

All of the people watching, now started to shout “jump!” And they shouted it a few times, and finally, she jumped backwards, onto the floor of the balcony. The people were disappointed, especially the ones who lost their bets, and she was leaning over the railing, yelling “I’m on my way down to collect the money, you chumps owe me.”

Later in the day, she is running different ideas in her head, as to see who or how many people, she can fool and make some easy money.

Short Story

There’s a group sitting in chairs, and a few others sprawled on the floor, are reading lines for a casting call. They all have hopes of getting the chance of acting in a Broadway play. In the end, it will be one male, and a female that will make the cut. Needless to say, there were a few frayed nerves, edginess, and one pacing around the room, which was all said and done, happened to be the one that got a role in the production. The only time he did any acting, was back in the fifth grade.

As for the others who didn’t make it, some of them had prior acting experience. In the scheme of things, some of them knew that working on Broadway or off Broadway, is like a roll of the dice. Make it, or break it.

Short Story

The man tells me he has a real exciting job. “So, what do you do that excites you about your job?” He says, “splitting atoms using plastic cutlery.” I was dumb founded and speechless. After a minute or two, he asked me what I did for work. My reply, “cleaning up the bullshit people leave, as some do make a real mess, and it is an endless task.”

After that rather dull conversation, we parted ways.

Short Story

The couple in the restaurant are sitting across from each, enjoying their meal and the conversation. She was very happy to be with him, and to make the evening more enjoyable, she took off one of her shoes, and with nylon clad foot, moved it up his leg very slowly, and it brought a smile. She winked, then put her shoe back on. Well she said… Bingo! He paid the bill, and off they went.

Quick Fiction 50 Words

Sitting at the bay window, with their warm mugs
of coffee, the husband and wife of 40 plus years
of marriage, are happily watching the children
playing in the high snow banks. It brought big
smiles, as they remembered when they did same
exact thing.

Cherished memories they will always have.

Quick Fiction

The young newly Wed couple
bought a condo apartment, which is
on the third floor. They were aghast
seeing that the rear balcony, has sweeping
views of the city’s landfill, swarming with
crows, seagulls and pigeons. The odors
emanating from there, wasn’t exactly

Quick Fiction

It was a good night to take
a walk with his dog, on the snow
covered cemetery. His mission was
to hopefully find the ghost of Edgar
Allan Poe, and if he did see him, he
would knew be at a loss as to what
to say to him. If not, then he would
have the memory of seeing the famous
writer of the mystery and the macabre.