July 5 2014

At 9:56 PM, I saw the seagull roaming around the grounds of the building I live in. I wanted to get a photo of the bird, when he was a lot closer, and the lighting was better. But as soon as I was ready to snap, the little shit decides to go wandering off.  This was the best I could do, as it went into hiding in the shrubs.

Not Quite Dark

An evening photo of downtown. It was not quite dark, but you can see the full moon just above the right hand corner of the brick building, which is on the left.Evening May 14 2014

A Crappy Night Photo

I took this photo last night, after a wimpy thunderstorm went through. I took the photo to see how it came out, and it does look crappy.

Looking towards the local Boys Club. ©2013
Looking towards the local Boys Club. ©2013

Snow Photo

A photo I took while I was standing outside, getting some air. I took three of them, but this one I preferred, as the other two came out a bit blurry. May post them later or tomorrow, and yous can decide about the clarity of them.


Random Photos 29

Scotland’s Fairy Pools / photographer unknown

Camping under the stars. / photographer unknown