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Washington D.C. – The class-action lawsuit brought by the 12,750 Mexican laborers who built President Donald Trump’s wall dragged on into its third year and will be taken up by The Supreme Court next month.

The suit charges President Trump with failure to pay any of the workers the wages they earned for their years’ work.

In his defense President Trump today said from Dubai – where he is on the third leg of his around the world golfing vacation while Attorney General Sheriff Joe Arpaio runs the country – “I made it very clear that the name Trump was to appear on the wall in 6 foot high gold letters every 500 yards all across the 1,954 mile long wall and not only did 12 of these letters measure out at 5 feet 8 inches but on at least 9 occasions the name Trump was placed on the wall

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Barking In The Dark

So…we are now witness to the travesty of a person standing for the job of The President of the United States of America who is currently being sued for fraud by over 5,000 people, in New York alone. People who were allegedly scammed for anywhere from 20K to 60K each. Besides this class-action lawsuit there are currently two other class-action lawsuits against this person, one Donald J. Trump, in California. The suits all involve the same alleged fraudulent entity; Trump “University.”

In addition, Donald J. Trump, the Republican Party’s great “white” hope is also involved in 169 Federal lawsuits. These lawsuits involve; violating the FTC’s notification requirements, a work crew contending that Trump cheated workers out of at least $300,000 in contributions to its benefit funds by secretly employing nonunion workers, and Trump’s corporation filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy from creditors – who did not get paid for services

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Barking In The Dark

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