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Barking In The Dark

I am a prowd Tea Party member from Mississippi and I will be prowdly casting my ballet for the grate Donald J Trump as the Prezident of the United States of America this fall in the elecshun for Prezident.

However I must say I am puzzeled by one thing Mr Trump keeps saying. And that is why does he want to get rid of ices? I have been enjoying ices espeshally in the hot wether ever since I was knee-high to a Mississippi mud pie. So I do not unnerstand what Mr Trump has aginst this wunnerful summer treet which keeps us cool to when it is hot and we need too be.

Mr Trump also says that the Muslin Obama and Hillery created ices??? What? I did not know this thing! I guess thare werent no ices before them both then if he says so becawse he is a…

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Barking In The Dark


I must confess I am running out of words, phrases, pejoratives, insults – and any other possible way that would serve to describe this “thing” among us called Donald J. Trump.

So, from here on in I shall refer to this “thing” as “it.” I believe that “it,” is the most fitting description of this most base of all “things” walking among us.

We have all watched and listened in horror and amazement that “it” is now one step away from being elected to the highest office in the land and, by extension, to being the leader of the free world. This prospect is a frightening thought for us relatively sane people – and all the sane people of the world to have to face.

“It” is a thin skinned, easily provoked, insecure, narcissistic, sociopathic ticking time bomb.

Imagine it in the war room. Imagine it with the…

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USA Today: Trump says he may seek conditions for debates

From USA Today

Trump says he may seek conditions for debates

Donald Trump says he wants to debate Hillary Clinton, but may seek to change the rules set by a bipartisan commission.“I will absolutely do three debates,” Trump told TIME magazine. “I want to debate very badly. But I have to see the conditions.”That includes the identity of the moderators, he said, who have yet to be named.“I’ll have to see who the moderators are,” Trump told the magazine Tuesday. “Yeah, I would say that certain moderators would be unacceptable, absolutely.”Trump also pointed out that he changed rules for Republican primary debates.“I renegotiated the debates in the primaries, remember?” Trump said. “They were making a fortune on them and they had us in for three-and-a-half hours, and I said that’s ridiculous.”

If Only

If it were a perfect world
Trump would not be running
for president.
But since the world is not perfect
we end up with a crazy fucking
loon, who doesn’t give two shits
what he says.

Now to get rid of the headache
from all the crap I’ve been reading
about him.


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Barking In The Dark

As of this writing 78 percent of all of Trump’s fact-checked claims have been scored “mostly false” or worse. And, 60 percent of that number have been rated “pants-on-fire lies!

This is taking the art of bullshitting to hitherto unseen historic heights. Well, maybe Herodotus – known as “the father of lies” – may have approached this low-water mark – maybe. Trump, however, is in a class by himself when it comes to cynically blatant lies sprayed from his mouth in a manic and incoherent “flight of ideas” manner. In short, this person inhabits a world that does not exist.

To begin to enumerate his amazing and unparalleled prowess at bullshitting would make a list so long as to keep me from too many meals – so let’s just mention a few of the most egregious fantastic works of bullshit art he is credited with.

“Hey, I watched when…

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Does Trump wake up in the morning

Thinking of what kind of stupid shit to say

Which in the scheme of things

Doesn’t really make any sense at all

Just wondering…


Another great post from a talented writer.

Barking In The Dark

An unnamed source deep inside the psychotic Trump campaign of blame has informed Barking in the Dark that Donald Trump has a real dillema.

The source told us “he’s continually complaining that he’s running out of people to blame, and he’s blaming us for this.” When we asked; “complain about what exactly,” the source said; “everything – exactly!” This would include placing the blame for getting stuck in an elevator in Colorado on Friday on the fire marshal who rescued him, saying the fire marshall did not know “what he was doing” and said his rescuer “was probably a Democrat.” He also stated he was “not a fan of” the marshal.

When he said on ABC’s This Week that; “Vladimir Putin is not going into Ukraine, OK, just so you understand. He’s not gonna go into Ukraine, all right? You can mark it down. You can…

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The Yam Man

Whenever I read or hear

The different nicknames

The people call Trump

Orange man

Orange spray tan

Orange buffoon

Etc etc etc

I tend to call him

The Yam Man

I love yams

But the next time

I see a yam on my plate

I will either bust out laughing

Or refuse to eat it

What a predicament to be in

Fed Up

I agree with this writer…


The ridiculousness of the last few months with respect to the venom spouted by the Right, generally directed to anyone who is not a white male, has been nothing short of maddening.  From the claim that people coming to this country are rapists, thieves, and likely terrorists to the mindless belittling via name calling, I’ve tried to disengage and wait for it to blow over.

BUT, at this moment I’m officially fed up, pissed, disgusted, and unable to ignore the claim made by Fox’s darling buffoon, Bill O’Reilly that slaves were “well fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government.”  (This was in response to Michelle Obama’s speech when she said she lives in the White House, a place built by slaves.)

Why is my blood boiling?  Perhaps it’s because the HUMAN BEINGS who were reduced to their physical selves and subjected to a brutal existence for the sake…

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Another great read…

Barking In The Dark

It is jaw-dropping that this person Trump, who has no interest or knowledge of world affairs – or desire to learn same – is willing to take this country, and by extension, the world, down the garden path in order to satisfy his narcissistic needs and over weening sick ego. A person who, in his feverishly warped mind, thinks that he is bigger than what is at stake.

His press conference yesterday afternoon was a display by someone who appears delusional. I say appears because he knows exactly what he is doing. That is how horrible a person this poor excuse for a human is. Someone who would stoop to anything including stoking the fears of the weak minded to “win.” This is what  demagogues do. Someone who is a world-class pathological liar. Someone who seems borderline psychotic. Someone who should be laughed out of this election – and maybe…

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Politician A says vote for me

I will do this that and whatever shit

He/She spouts off

Politician B says vote for me

I will do this that and whatever shit

He/She spouts off

Who do you vote for

The lesser of two evils

Or put on a blinders

And throw darts

And see where they landed

Short Story

The air outside is hot

The air is stifling

The dogs are laying in the shade

The old man is sitting on the stoop

Playing the blues with his harmonic

The people who pass by are smiling

The old man knows it all good


Short fiction


Great read, and a good laugh!

Barking In The Dark

Image result for trump family cartoons

Washington D.C. – The class-action lawsuit brought by the 12,750 Mexican laborers who built President Donald Trump’s wall dragged on into its third year and will be taken up by The Supreme Court next month.

The suit charges President Trump with failure to pay any of the workers the wages they earned for their years’ work.

In his defense President Trump today said from Dubai – where he is on the third leg of his around the world golfing vacation while Attorney General Sheriff Joe Arpaio runs the country – “I made it very clear that the name Trump was to appear on the wall in 6 foot high gold letters every 500 yards all across the 1,954 mile long wall and not only did 12 of these letters measure out at 5 feet 8 inches but on at least 9 occasions the name Trump was placed on the wall

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My go to sources

for news are

several different

news sites on

the web

Gave up on

national and world

news on TV

as it is nothing

but bullshit

and a waste

of electricity