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What would be awesome is if I never hear the word awesome again in the way it has now come to be used.  The Grand Canyon is awesome. The fact that there is a comet somewhere out in the vast icy reaches of space traveling at one million four hundred and forty thousand miles an hour is awesome. But “yes thank you, I will have fries with my cheeseburger” is not – I repeat – not “awesome.”

The unabridged edition of the Random House Dictionary of the English Language lists the first definition of awe as; “an overwhelming feeling of…

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Enjoy the read, and he tells it like it is…

Barking In The Dark

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Donald J. Trump is without doubt the most foul of earth’s creatures. To call him a pig is to demean a most smart and noble animal.

This monstrous creep is the end result of years, decades, of selective Republican inbreeding. Years of homophobia, years of xenophobia, years of assaults on women’s rights, years of dog-whistle racism, years of fighting for the wealthy – at the expense of everyone else. In short, he is Republican writ large.

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This obese buffoon would be quite amusing were it not for the fact that he left “amusing” way, way back there when he first lurked in the contestant’s dressing rooms drooling as he stared at the naked 18 year olds in his bullshit beauty pageants. Circuses that existed for the sole purpose of putting this vile grotesquerie in close proximity to attractive young females who he could then force his odious ugliness upon…

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He tells it like it is…

Barking In The Dark

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The evangelicals who remain steadfast in their unflagging support for Donald Trump despite his demonstrably manifest unfitness for the Presidency – or any other position in any government – are people who should now be referred to as The A B C’s, The American Bullshit Christians.

The tortured logic exhibited by these bible thumping hypocrites to try to squeeze any semblance of rationale into and out of their narrowl minds in order to justify their backing of this piece of inhuman garbage is laughable – especially in light of Mr. Trump’s own words regarding immigrants, women, people of color and anyone who might disagree with his ignorant views.

Christ himself is agonizing all over again.

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Any pretense these people might have had to religiosity has now gone out the window – along with the sanctimonious moral high ground they have always tried to occupy from which mount they looked down…

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Barking In The Dark

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Morris, Alabama, Nov. 9 – Pastor Furlin J. Duddy commented today in the wake of the newly released incendiary audio of the Republican candidate for President Donald J. Trump. Pastor Duddy, the head of The Alabama Evangelical Pastors for Trump said; “it is quite obvious to all of us devout evangelicals that Mr. Trump’s recorded remarks concerning a pussy were without a doubt referring to an actual kitten.”

The pastor said; “Mr. Trump is an animal lover which is a very godly thing and when he said he would grab a pussy he was talking about grabbing a poor homeless animal from out of a shelter and giving this creature of God a home. This is highly commendable and I would go so far as to say this is Christ-like. We in the evangelical community applaud Mr. Trump for his comments and for his love of all pussies in need…

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I read the stuff that Trump said about
women is down and out disgusting. Its all for everyone to read, hear and watch.

Anyone, especially women who think Trump is the real deal, is not living on planet Earth.

He should and in no fucking way, be allowed to run for office of any kind.


Short Story

Cutting carrots
to add to the
hoping everybody
likes it
The dog is
going back and
foryh to the door
wanting to go
outside and
piss on the
shithead neighbor’s
flowers which look
like hell
Then the clouds
opened up and it
poured like a son
of a gun
back to cutting
forgot to bring
the dog back in
and it was wet
could be used
to wash the floor


A well written post..

Barking In The Dark

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…And whose vote for Gary Johnson could possibly get Donald J. Trump elected to the Presidency of this country.

Johnson, a man who had never heard of Aleppo – he said he thought it was “an acronym” – and who couldn’t name a single world leader he admired, oh, wait – he did manage to sputter; “The former president of Mexico,” he said, “I’m having a brain freeze,” is also a member of a party that advocates eliminating public schools in favor of private education or home schooling, abolishing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, elimination of virtually all kinds of environmental regulation, from governing air pollution and global warming to guarding against dangerous chemicals in drinking water and then leave it to corporate polluters, land owners and environmentalists to slug out their differences in court, and, pulling back from NATO and other global alliances and ending military and economic aid…

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If it’s true
then it must
be true
though it
might be
true, so it
could be true
but then it
may not be
true at all
or maybe it
is true, and
then the truth
must be proven
for it to be true,
but if it cannot
be proven true
the it must be