Snow ~ Black and White & Color

November 29 2014 3Black & White snow on hedge.

November 29 2014 4Color photo.

Photos were taken late Saturday night.

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No Name Park

I’ve been living in this part of the city for five years, and have no idea what the name of the park is. I have asked people who have lived here a lot longer than me, and they don’t know what the name is, or if it ever had a name. The park is so small, that a person can do a complete walk around it in a minute, two at the most. September 3 2014

Happy Birds

It’s early Saturday evening, and in an hour, the sun will be setting at 8:24 PM. Have the windows open, the baseball game is on the TV, and the best part is, the numerous birds all happy and chipper as they are tweeting away in one massive chorus. Sitting here listening to the birds, they are saying that there is still a lot to like about the earth, that we all call home. With a touch of Zen, life is grand.

Hot Air Balloon

From my email inbox:

So you think you’re having a bad day…

then you step outside of your house…

and look up into the beautiful blue sky… 

…and see this!!!!! image0010009All of a sudden, that smile comes back to your face and you say to yourself

”Now that’s a big ass balloon!!!”

…and things don’t seem quite so bad! 


Bright Sunset Photos @ 5:45 PM

Took these photos at 5:45 pm, and I would like to share them you. It’s not to often that you see a sunset like this.

In the center right of this photo, you can make out the FM radio tower.

Bright SunsetThe second photo is taken a few feet away from the first one.

Bright Sunset 2The last one, I looked up and saw the nice colors, so I snapped it.

Bright Sunset 3