Even as the Internet has revived hope of a universal library and Google seems to promise an answer to every query, books have remained a dark region in the universe of information. We want books to be as accessible and searchable as the Web. On the other hand, we still want them to be books.

Gary Wolf
American Journalist


What I Did On The 4th Of July

The 4th of July has come and one, but if anybody cares as to what I did on (Democracy Day, Independence Day), was watching the rain from Hurricane Arthur come down, which started shortly before noon. It came down heavy at times, but for the most part, it was a light rain. I actually enjoyed watching the rain , in between breaks of watching TV, reading a book, and a crossword. So with a stormy holiday, I kind of enjoyed it.

All in all, it was good.

And exciting.


Taking A Break

Since the middle of the week, I have only posted once. There’s a reason for that. I came down with the flu, and it knocked me on flat on my ass. The worst part is over with, but the nuisance part of it is still with me. The flu is wide spread throughout four states: Mass, Conn, RI & NY.

So, because of this malady, I couldn’t even spend five minutes looking at the screen, and I shut it down, and just TV, and/or read a book. With that said, I don’t know when I will be back on a regular basis.

Take care, everyone.

A Pondering Mind


New Best Seller: How To Understand Women

Note: When I took a break from blogging, the very next day, I came down with a nasty head cold. And it happened on the first day of spring. So my thinking is still bit foggy. With that said, here is a bit of humor from the email inbox.

Thought you should know that the abridged version of “Understanding Women” is finally out in paperback._Howto



We eat
We cook
We drink
We sleep
We talk
We walk
We read
We go to school
We study
We work
We play
We travel
We write
We type
We draw
We watch TV
We go to movies
We drive
We fly
We ride
We discuss
We argue
We laugh
We smile
We cry

All the things we do or, for some people some of them.
We’re all human, and since we’re on this planet for a very short time, we should enjoy everything we do.
It’s what makes life on Earth interesting.

A Pondering Mind 2014