He Said/She Said Thursday Morning Edition

He: Good morning dear.
She: What’s so good about it.
He: Silently thinking that the shit is
about to hit the fan, Now what did I do,
or didn’t do?
She: I couldn’t sleep because of your damn
He: I don’t snore.
She: What do you mean you don’t snore. You
sound like a bull on steroids. You really do.
He: How could I be snoring, now that I am
talking to you.
She: Of course your not snoring now, its when
your sound asleep.
He: I really don’t snore.
She: You know, you can be an absolute asshole.
He: Wow!
She: Tonight, you can sleep on the couch, and leave
the television off, so I won’t have to listen to it
and your damn snoring!