Mark this date:

on January 31, 2017

at 8:00 pm Eastern

7:00 pm Central

6:00 pm Mountain

5:00 pm Pacific

gather the family

get your popcorn ready

set your dvrs

as he’s not my president

will announce live

and in living color

orange being the

dominant color

his choice for

the vacant seat

on the Supreme Court

He Said/She Said Thursday Morning Edition

He: Good morning dear.
She: What’s so good about it.
He: Silently thinking that the shit is
about to hit the fan, Now what did I do,
or didn’t do?
She: I couldn’t sleep because of your damn
He: I don’t snore.
She: What do you mean you don’t snore. You
sound like a bull on steroids. You really do.
He: How could I be snoring, now that I am
talking to you.
She: Of course your not snoring now, its when
your sound asleep.
He: I really don’t snore.
She: You know, you can be an absolute asshole.
He: Wow!
She: Tonight, you can sleep on the couch, and leave
the television off, so I won’t have to listen to it
and your damn snoring!