That Sure Did Hurt

A couple of teenage boys
was out in the middle of
the street tossing a ball
back and forth, when suddenly
the ball went sailing over
one of the boys head, and
was bounding, and rolling
down the street.

He went chasing for the
ball, and in the meantime,
a dog came running full tilt
and scared the shit out of the
boy, so forgot to see where
he was going, slammed into a
telephone pole.

It was not a great sight after
seeing the damage done to his
head and face. He ended up with
a split forehead, his nose so
mangled that it was pointing
left. Also, his eyeglasses were
completely broken, and a few
missing teeth.

Needless to say, he wasn’t going
to be the handsome man that he was
before his awful plight with the
telephone pole.
A work of fiction.