Pondering Thought #13

late in the afternoon

getting hungry

left over chicken

is what I’ll have

no desert

as I am not

one for indulging

in whatever

people will finish

their meals off with

bon apetit

3:00 A.M. ~ So

So, I often wonder what people are doing at 3:00 a.m. Sleeping? Watching TV? Working? Reading a book? Walking the dog? Bathroom run? Just something that I would throw out there, to see what responses would come of it.

Wondering Evermore

out the door
with the
only with
the basics
of necessities
in order to
and/or locate
the meaning
of truth
that is
does it
truly exist
or is it
a figment
of our
if so
then can
we say
that the
human race
is living
in a world
of fantasy
will i/we/us
ever figure
it out

A Pondering Moment

When you say
you own it.

If you regret(ted)
saying it, you
still own it.

So, you will
feel like an ass,
and wished that
you bit your

It’s too late.

The damage is
already done.

Don @ A Pondering Mind

A Pondering Moment

A hotdog has no
resemblance or
likeness of a dog,
that barks, growls,
wags its tail, etcetera,

So why call them hotdogs?


Sun says goodnight.
Darkness says hello.
The moon smiles at us.