Wondering Evermore

out the door
with the
only with
the basics
of necessities
in order to
and/or locate
the meaning
of truth
that is
does it
truly exist
or is it
a figment
of our
if so
then can
we say
that the
human race
is living
in a world
of fantasy
will i/we/us
ever figure
it out

12 thoughts on “Wondering Evermore

      1. The older I get the more I wonder about EVERYTHING. I don’t think we have ANY answers. I want to thank you for being openhanded and supportive. It means a lot to me. You always seem to understand what I’m saying and I want to thank you for that. Hope all is well. It’s getting dark so much earlier already. Blah…Christmas is already in some stores!

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        1. I feel the same way as you do. It did take me a while, to understand where you was coming from, but as time went by, I grasped at what your thoughts, and ideas was all about. I want to thank you, for the nice comment and compliment, and also being a true friend.


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