4 thoughts on “A Pondering Moment

  1. Being famous puts tremendous stress on those who enjoy time to themselves without having to hide. The pressure to be better than others in order to stay at the top of the list in their media can wreak havoc on mental, emotional, and physical health. For those who enjoy every minute of the spotlight and see it as a welcome challenge, it can be the fulfillment of dreams. And then there are those who go down the path of too much pressure and too much money. Addiction, promiscuity and criminal activities are often the result. We have all watched as our favorite celebrities suffer from it and even die for it.

    Being penniless in a society that is based on economic status and consumption is not an advantage over being rich. In that state, there is the constant worry over keeping food in the stomach, a roof over the head, and growing debt from mortgages, bank loans, student loans… Penniless people react to this pressure in a variety of ways. Depression, anxiety, and other disorders brought on by stress can also can lead to addiction, promiscuity, criminal activity…

    One short pondering: People are people and people, no matter the class.

    I would definitely rather be famous and rich than penniless and unknown. I would love to accomplish it through writing, but I’d even do a reality show if it paid well. 😉


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