A Monday Ponderism

When I say something that is supposedly filthy,
the response is “your mind is in the gutter.”
My question is, which gutter, the one that abuts
the street with the curb, or the one that is attached
to the eaves of the house?

A Pondering Moment

Sitting on the couch
writing this post
while watching TV
or is the TV
watching me

Could it be I
am doing both
It could be that
I am multitasking
Its not really a
complicated thing
to do

What I have been
watching for most
of the day Blue
Bloods and Seinfeld

Speaking of Seinfeld
I still laugh watching
Jerry and the gang
as it’s one of the
best TV sitcoms

A Pondering Thought

Every week the new supermarket ads come out with the so-called money saving items you may or may not need. Now, the ones that strike me kind of odd are, the 10 for $10.00, 2 for $6.00 etc., etc. I have seen store brand bread, which is not the greatest on sale for $10.00 for 10 loaves of bread, or a buck-a-loaf. Why don’t they just price it at $1.00 a loaf. So I need bread, but what the hell am I going to do with 10 loaves of bread? Feed it to the pigeons in the local park? I think not. So the stores and/or marketers or whoever make the decisions on the ad sales, should just price the damn things at dollar a loaf, and leave it at that.

Just me pondering an opinion.

A Pondering Moment

While I was reading the Sunday newspaper, a photo caught my attention. It was the one taken at Kent State University. The killing of four people by the Ohio National Guardsmen. And of course the young woman, Mary Ann Vecchio knelt down by one of the bodies. This happened on May 4, 1970, during the Vietnam War protests.

What struck me, was that this happened 40 years ago, and I was just a 21 years old. Now that it is 2014, I asked myself, where the hell did the time go?