My Definition Of Yoga

Ollie stopped by
and asked me what
I was doing today.
Told him what you
see is that I’m
‘Meditating, and
Yoga’ at the same
Ollie said, well
your stretched out
on the couch.
My response, that’s
the way I do it,
and there is no
better way to do all
He asked, three?
Yes I say, three:
Meditating, Yoga
and TV. It doesn’t
get any better than that.

Instant Color TV

From the email inbox:


In 1962 there was only one TV channel in Sweden, and it broadcast in black and white. The station’s technical expert, Kjell Stensson, appeared on the news to announce that, thanks to a new technology, viewers could convert their existing sets to display color reception. All they had to do was pull a nylon stocking ove r their TV screen. Stensson proceeded to demonstrate the process. Thousands of people were taken in. Regular color broadcasts only commenced in Sweden on April 1, 1970.


The above story is a hoax.

A Pondering Moment

Sitting on the couch
writing this post
while watching TV
or is the TV
watching me

Could it be I
am doing both
It could be that
I am multitasking
Its not really a
complicated thing
to do

What I have been
watching for most
of the day Blue
Bloods and Seinfeld

Speaking of Seinfeld
I still laugh watching
Jerry and the gang
as it’s one of the
best TV sitcoms

It Doesn’t Make Any Sense

For the past couple of nights, I have seen ads of all things: lawn care. It seems odd to show green grass, flowers, etc., when there is so much damn snow on the ground, and it looks like it will be here for quite awhile.

By the way, we’re expecting another inch to three inches tonight, and then change over to freezing rain and then just rain, early Wednesday morning.

Well Agnes, we’ll just have to grin and bare it until Its finally gone.

What I Did On The 4th Of July

The 4th of July has come and one, but if anybody cares as to what I did on (Democracy Day, Independence Day), was watching the rain from Hurricane Arthur come down, which started shortly before noon. It came down heavy at times, but for the most part, it was a light rain. I actually enjoyed watching the rain , in between breaks of watching TV, reading a book, and a crossword. So with a stormy holiday, I kind of enjoyed it.

All in all, it was good.

And exciting.

Happy Birds

It’s early Saturday evening, and in an hour, the sun will be setting at 8:24 PM. Have the windows open, the baseball game is on the TV, and the best part is, the numerous birds all happy and chipper as they are tweeting away in one massive chorus. Sitting here listening to the birds, they are saying that there is still a lot to like about the earth, that we all call home. With a touch of Zen, life is grand.

Taking A Break

Since the middle of the week, I have only posted once. There’s a reason for that. I came down with the flu, and it knocked me on flat on my ass. The worst part is over with, but the nuisance part of it is still with me. The flu is wide spread throughout four states: Mass, Conn, RI & NY.

So, because of this malady, I couldn’t even spend five minutes looking at the screen, and I shut it down, and just TV, and/or read a book. With that said, I don’t know when I will be back on a regular basis.

Take care, everyone.

A Pondering Mind


We eat
We cook
We drink
We sleep
We talk
We walk
We read
We go to school
We study
We work
We play
We travel
We write
We type
We draw
We watch TV
We go to movies
We drive
We fly
We ride
We discuss
We argue
We laugh
We smile
We cry

All the things we do or, for some people some of them.
We’re all human, and since we’re on this planet for a very short time, we should enjoy everything we do.
It’s what makes life on Earth interesting.

A Pondering Mind 2014

Sky or Skies

In a post before this one, I titled it: Partly Cloudy Sky. Why am I pointing this out? Because what irks the shit out of me, is when the local and national TV, along with the radio weather forecasters, always, without a doubt, say “skies” when it should be “sky”. When we look up at the sky, we only see one sky, not two. So why do they insist on using the plural, instead of the singular word? Are they that stupid, that it is obvious that there is, and will always be one and only sky. Get with the program. That’s it.

TV: The Programs I Like

Here is a list of the TV programs, that I enjoy watching. Also I miss some of the ones that are no longer on, the ones that are in syndication.

First the ones that are on now.
Golden Boy
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Chicago Fire
Persons of Interest
Blue Bloods
Burn Notice
Major Crimes

Cold Case
Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Baseball Tonight on ESPN
MLB Network
When September arrives, I watch quite a few football games, right up through to the Super Bowl.

There is more that I watch, or it watches me, so the list above tells you what I like.