Quick Fiction

Sam was in his glory, as the woman behind the counter, gave him a bag of day old muffins and doughnuts. She also filled his thermos with fresh brewed coffee.

Sam is homeless, and has no job. He forages in the dumpsters for returnable cans and bottles, which keeps him busy.

Now he is thankful for people like the woman that works at the local bakery. Sam sees the best the best in people, and that’s a good thing.

Short Story

Walking down the street, there was a sign in the window, Opening Soon! A different kind of restaurant. The name: Bring Your Own Food And Drinks Restaurant. We prepare and cook it. No waiters, waitresses and bus boys. Plus, the patrons wash the plates, cutlery, etc. Cost of doing business, is negotiable.

The future of dining, has finally arrived.

Short Story

Fancy Fran and Dandy Dan met at a friend’s house. With in minutes, they fell in love. They immediately left for the airport, eloped, and took the first flight to Las Vegas, where they went to a chapel, and tied the knot. A quicky marriage that lasted one day. He went to the court house the very next day, was granted a divorce. When he awoke, he realized it was all a dream.