Concerning Two Things That Piss Me Off

I would like to say that I am an Independent, which I should have noted in the post about political ads. I have been an Independent for the 40 plus years. Never wanted to be labeled a Democrat or Republican.

I don’t like anyone telling me who I should vote for, nor what issues I should agree/disagree with. No Fox News. No MSNBC, and/or anything else. I can form my own opinion. Some may like it, some not, and I won’t lose sleep over it.

My Dislikes

Here is the list of my dislikes, and some of them will have reasons for why I do.

Snobby people: A big turn off, as they talk and act like their shit don’t stink. Well it does stink.
People who park their cars right across an entire crosswalk, and have no consideration for pedestrians, and the wheelchair bound.
Politicians: The ones that couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the people who put them in office, but will kiss the big banks, corporations and the oil companies asses. Also, the blow hards who make ridiculous statements, re: doing away with minimum wage, cut backs or deny food stamps for the needy.
Food: I detest lamb, big time. Can’t stand the smell of it when it is being cooked. I will turn around and walk out the door. I’ll add that it is way too greasy.
Other food added to the list: Yogurt, turnips, eggplant, black olives, and artificial sweeteners.
Sports: Watching a sporting event on TV, I don’t mind two in the booth, one doing the play-by-play, and the color man. But when there is three, then they seem to be talking over each other, and sometimes it seems to go on and on, and half time they make no sense. That does piss me off, and ready to throw a shoe at the television.
News: I hate Fox News, and most of the other network news, as it seems to have gone done the toilet. Most of it is nothing more but puff pieces, instead of real hardcore news, and not really telling the truth.
Internet trolls: Idiots who would rather slam the shit out of something a person rights, instead of posting a halfway decent comment. They’re nothing but boring people, who would praise the likes of Limbaugh, Beck, and others of their ilk.
Ads on TV: There are quite a few of them, that turn me off, as they seem to talk down to people.
Speaking of ads, I was watching the baseball game, and lo and behold, they slide ads across the screen,
last only a few seconds, and I’m wondering, do really need to have them bombarding us with ads, for almost anything that is sold on the market. Plus the stadiums with ads plastered all over the walls, and on top of the parks.
Religion: I’m not against religion, but I don’t like it rammed down my throat, and I really don’t like talking about it.

Those are some of the things in life, that I dislike. There are more, but I will leave it at that.

‘Kiss My Ass’: Fear and Loathing in the Romney Campaign

Mitt Romney’s traveling press secretary Rick Gorka has no class at all, telling reporters to “kiss my ass.” It seems that Romney refuses to answer any questions from reporters, other than the ones at Fox News, which isn’t saying much, as they will ask him the softball questions, nothing to hard, cause that teax Mitt’s brain, and spew out even more gaffes.

Read it at Real Clear Politics.

‘Kiss My Ass’: Fear and Loathing in the Romney Campaign.


The ending of 2010 is finally coming to a close. It was a good year for some, especially the ones who have jobs that pay obscenely high bonuses, then there are the ones who somewhat good paying jobs, and then there are the unemployed, who have to survive on unemployment checks, food stamps, and worrying about how and if they can pay their rent and or mortgage. Plus health care premiums keep going up among other things.

On the political front, we have some real whack jobs going to Washington in the first week of January, in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, though when you think about it, some of these people that will be taking the oath of office(s), that they seem not to represent the people who voted them in, but for the their own self interests, especially the Republicans, which most of them only care for big business, big banks and the idle two percent richest people, and the hell with Joe 6-pack.

With that said, I would like to see the major t.v., radio, newspapers, and real journalists start calling out some, if not all of these right-wing jackasses, by trying start speaking the real truth, and solve the problems that this nation is going through, and people should wake up and stop watching Fox News with their lies upon lies, and twisting stories around to their liking. Its a damn shame the so-called newscasters on Fox, keep getting away with spewing the bullshit. There is no need for it.

Here’s hoping that 2011 will be a better year for us all, and that things do get better. That’s all I can ask for.

Happy New Year everyone.