Concerning Two Things That Piss Me Off

I would like to say that I am an Independent, which I should have noted in the post about political ads. I have been an Independent for the 40 plus years. Never wanted to be labeled a Democrat or Republican.

I don’t like anyone telling me who I should vote for, nor what issues I should agree/disagree with. No Fox News. No MSNBC, and/or anything else. I can form my own opinion. Some may like it, some not, and I won’t lose sleep over it.

Dysfunctional Family

The US government is so screwed up, it doesn’t seem to know which end is up. Washington has finally settled the debt ceiling, a short term budget, which end on January 15, and the debt ceiling ends on February 7.
For 16 days, a certain amount of federal employees didn’t get paid, national parks closed, but in those 16 days, both houses of Congress collected their pay checks. This is not right, and they should be ashamed of themselves, for accepting those checks.
Come next January, we’re supposed to go through with this bullshit again, and probably another three months after that.
It’s maddening at what goes on down in DC. It’s one big Dysfunctional Family, and many other foreign countries must be scratching their collective heads, at what the hell is going on.

President Obama Is Lifted In The Air By Scott Van Duzer, At The Big Apple Pizza Which He Owns In Ft. Pierce, Florida

When President Obama stopped in at the Big Apple Pizza in Ft. Pierce, Florida, he was greeted with a hug and lifted up in the air by the owner, Scott Van Duzer. Because of what Duzer did, he is getting a lot of flack from the Republican crazies, who need to get a life, and stop acting like the pathetic assholes that they are.

Scott Van Duzer and President Obama, at the Big Apple Pizza, in Ft. Pierce, FL.

Bill Clinton WTF

What made Bill Clinton make a statement, calling for the Bush era tax cuts be extended. Of course the orange coated John Boehner was all giddy, along with the other GOPers. Now the Obama White House is quite pissed about it, and I don’t blame them one bit, as Obama has been wanting the rich to pay more taxes.

Is Obama Caving In?

The new year is only five days old, and Obama is already caving into the GOP, the Tea Baggers and Sarah Palin. He decided to take out the part; The End of Life rule, which was passed last year, as part of the Health Care Bill. This will make Palin come saying something along the line: this is what “Real Americans Want”. After all this hand wringing, debating, and what have you by the Democrats, Obama decides to drop it from the Health Care Reform. What else will he be dropping from the health care legislation, which this country needs so badly.

I voted for Obama in 2008, because I was convinced he was for the poor folks, and the common man. He came off as a Liberal Democrat, but after two years in office, and I believe now that he his not what he says he is, but acting more like a centrist Republican, and is slowly moving to the right. I’m sure there are other liberal and progressive voters, who feel the same way.

It seems that he is going to end up as a one term president, and if he decides to run for a second term, he will be kicked to the curb, unless he smartens up, and starts helping the people who need the help, instead of big banks, industry, pharmacuetical  and insurance companies.