President Obama Is Lifted In The Air By Scott Van Duzer, At The Big Apple Pizza Which He Owns In Ft. Pierce, Florida

When President Obama stopped in at the Big Apple Pizza in Ft. Pierce, Florida, he was greeted with a hug and lifted up in the air by the owner, Scott Van Duzer. Because of what Duzer did, he is getting a lot of flack from the Republican crazies, who need to get a life, and stop acting like the pathetic assholes that they are.

Scott Van Duzer and President Obama, at the Big Apple Pizza, in Ft. Pierce, FL.

Paul Ryan and the Long War on Democracy

When I first heard that Romney picked Paul Ryan to be his running mate, this had the Koch Brothers all over it. In an well written Op-Ed by Danny Weil of Truthout, spells out what the Koch Brothers are up to. Read it at Truthout. The link is below the pic.

Paul Ryan and the Long War on Democracy.