My Dislikes

Here is the list of my dislikes, and some of them will have reasons for why I do.

Snobby people: A big turn off, as they talk and act like their shit don’t stink. Well it does stink.
People who park their cars right across an entire crosswalk, and have no consideration for pedestrians, and the wheelchair bound.
Politicians: The ones that couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the people who put them in office, but will kiss the big banks, corporations and the oil companies asses. Also, the blow hards who make ridiculous statements, re: doing away with minimum wage, cut backs or deny food stamps for the needy.
Food: I detest lamb, big time. Can’t stand the smell of it when it is being cooked. I will turn around and walk out the door. I’ll add that it is way too greasy.
Other food added to the list: Yogurt, turnips, eggplant, black olives, and artificial sweeteners.
Sports: Watching a sporting event on TV, I don’t mind two in the booth, one doing the play-by-play, and the color man. But when there is three, then they seem to be talking over each other, and sometimes it seems to go on and on, and half time they make no sense. That does piss me off, and ready to throw a shoe at the television.
News: I hate Fox News, and most of the other network news, as it seems to have gone done the toilet. Most of it is nothing more but puff pieces, instead of real hardcore news, and not really telling the truth.
Internet trolls: Idiots who would rather slam the shit out of something a person rights, instead of posting a halfway decent comment. They’re nothing but boring people, who would praise the likes of Limbaugh, Beck, and others of their ilk.
Ads on TV: There are quite a few of them, that turn me off, as they seem to talk down to people.
Speaking of ads, I was watching the baseball game, and lo and behold, they slide ads across the screen,
last only a few seconds, and I’m wondering, do really need to have them bombarding us with ads, for almost anything that is sold on the market. Plus the stadiums with ads plastered all over the walls, and on top of the parks.
Religion: I’m not against religion, but I don’t like it rammed down my throat, and I really don’t like talking about it.

Those are some of the things in life, that I dislike. There are more, but I will leave it at that.

Report: Flanagan died from self-inflicted gunshot –

Its confirmed that Mike Flanagan, died from a self-inflicted gunshot to the face. He was one of my all-time Baltimore Orioles player to watch, and now may he rest in peace. Read it at CBS Sports

Report: Flanagan died from self-inflicted gunshot –

Pat McInally: Pat McInally’s life off field has eclipsed on-field achievements –

Harvard graduate and former Cincinnati Bengals punter/receiver Pat McInally, is now coaching high school football in Southern California, and is doing it without pay.

McInally scored a 50 on the Wonderlic intelligence test, prior to the 1975 NFL draft, and no other football player has done it.

Whether your a football fan or not, it is an interesting story.

Read it at the LA Times

Harvard and former Cincinnati Bengal punter/receiver, Pat McInally

Pat McInally: Pat McInally’s life off field has eclipsed on-field achievements –

High Fiving at ESPN

Sports reporting at ESPN took a new low, when Hannah Storm and Adam Shefter, were seen high fiving, when the news broke, that Cleveland Browns head coach, Eric Mangini, was let go. Right after the stupid mistake both anchors made, Storm realized how bad it looked, and to me it was a childish act on their part. There was no need for it, what so ever. It seems as time goes by, the reporting has gotten sloppy, and the humor, well not so funny.

Wake up ESPN. There are more places on t.v., and on the internet.