A Pondering Thought

Every week the new supermarket ads come out with the so-called money saving items you may or may not need. Now, the ones that strike me kind of odd are, the 10 for $10.00, 2 for $6.00 etc., etc. I have seen store brand bread, which is not the greatest on sale for $10.00 for 10 loaves of bread, or a buck-a-loaf. Why don’t they just price it at $1.00 a loaf. So I need bread, but what the hell am I going to do with 10 loaves of bread? Feed it to the pigeons in the local park? I think not. So the stores and/or marketers or whoever make the decisions on the ad sales, should just price the damn things at dollar a loaf, and leave it at that.

Just me pondering an opinion.

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