3:00 A.M. ~ So

So, I often wonder what people are doing at 3:00 a.m. Sleeping? Watching TV? Working? Reading a book? Walking the dog? Bathroom run? Just something that I would throw out there, to see what responses would come of it.

16 replies on “3:00 A.M. ~ So”

  1. Sometimes I am staring at the ceiling counting the hours until I can get up. Sometimes I’m working out a storyline or a poem wondering why I can’t sleep. 3 o’clock is my witching hour.


  2. 3.00 am Breakfast time. It’s, take tablets and sprays, test my blood sugar and give myself an injection while my toast browns. This gives me time for the big decision of the day, jam or no jam on the toast (sugar-free of course). Breakfast over it’s back to work. Maybe a five-minute treat on eBay


  3. Hmmm well as for me: sometimes a bathroom run, sometimes sleeping, sometimes reading, sometimes writing, sometimes watching something on Netflix, sometimes like this morning…asking Cat what she wants and why she is pawing at my face at 3AM when i’m TRYing to sleep 😉


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